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If there’s any #Laravel developers out here, I’m writing a book about #deployment. Head over to to register your interest 😊#php #webdev

Hello PHP community!

I would like to know what framework you use to build your applications in php? And why? Zf, Symfony? What do you think abour Laravel?

PHP 8 has a roadmap (ish), so thinking about plans for PHP 9.
A 9 is just a rotated 6...
Maybe we can finally bring Unicode support.
Except rotated...

I'm callin' it. Right now:
ǝpoɔıu∩ :6 ԀHԀ

Today’s :

Let me know what PHP accounts you follow on the Fediverse.

Hello Fediverse! This is the official framework account.
Follow us for updates.
Content will be the same as on

If you’re joining us, why not introduce yourself? Tag your toot with and pin it to your profile.

My history goes back to 2003, when Chris Shiflett launched the project. We wanted to provide a hub for the PHP community. We built up a great community on Freenode IRC (we’re in ). Nowadays, @ramsey manages the PHPC accounts & domains and is working to launch a non-profit for the PHP community.

More info here:


New testing versions out today:

7.2.10RC1: http://news.php.netphp.internals/103105

Please take some time to break PHP, then tell us how you broke it at !


So I started up a mastodon instance for WordPress anyone interested?

Let's see what this open-source Twitter can offer...
PHP and JS developers who read this, please reply 😄
#php #javascript #js #dev #development

Let me know about your PHP conference, user group, or project Fediverse account so I can follow it. I'll start doing a for the Fediverse.

Please boost this post for reach. Thanks!

I’ve turned off cross-posting from my Twitter account. Please follow me there if you’d like to see my retweets of PHP community topics. In the meantime, I’ll try to figure out the best way to promote the PHP community on the Fediverse without spamming. Cheers!

#crosspost from #birdsite 

#crosspost from #birdsite 

#crosspost from #birdsite 

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