Gratuitous use of custom emoji 

Hey! We have some custom emojis here. You can use them.

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Libera is a year old. Thanks for supporting us, because it's been a pleasure supporting you.

I'm thinking about creating a talk about using PHARs as build-tools instead of tightly coupled dev-dependencies...

Like: Why and how and espechially how to avoid the pitfalls. Usage in CI, installation, distribution.

Not that much about how to create and distribute a PHAR.

Might that be something that interests others?

It's been awhile but we have people back at the table again. Hoping to be more of a regular thing schedule now. This month I am joined by Sara Golemon (@pollita),, and and we talk about the current state of PHP.

I just did `brew upgrade php@8.1`, and it installed 8.1.6. πŸŽ‰ :php: :elephpant:

Very excited to announce that I'll be giving a fun talk at SymfonyWorld Online this summer!

πŸ’‘ Controlling Smart Light Bulbs With Symfony Console & PHP.

nearly 1 year of PRs in , surprisingly the forward merge of changes from 19 to 20 had only 8 conflicting files with not so complex changes.

still, brain fried, need more coffee β˜• 😡

My AnnotatedContainer project is reaching the point where basic functionality is in place and I"m needing to solve more complex or nuanced problems. I think this makes sense but without somebody to bounce ideas off of I'm left unsure of my solution.

I am super excited to be able to announce that I'm gonna be joining the Roave Team next month! I'm too ecstatic about this opportunity and I wanted to share.

#PHP Is there an easy way to reference a codesniffer ruleset xml in easy-coding-standard?

I am currently trying to merge my php-cs-fixer and phpcs configs into ecs and can't figure out how to easily apply the into the ecs config without manually referencing every rule?

crosspost from reddit (

Think I'm gonna try out Pest, writing some tests tonight. Feel like the higher-order test concept they have might be useful.

Much ado about null (and a more -friendly alternative to monads you can use today!)

Wait, it's already 7 years ago when I started as a speaker? Just to move out of my comfort zone. I used speakerdeck in the past.

SPL is still cool in 8.

πŸ†• We have released PHP 8.0.19 and 8.1.6, which both address a dozen non-security bugs.

πŸ”— See the list at:

πŸ“Έ Photo by

Finished the bulk of migrating my projects to 8.1. πŸ‘

Just waiting on the ecosystem to catch up. And Dokuwiki.

Pretty pleased with this. Went much easier than 7.4 to 8.0, mainly because phpcs & php-cs-fixer cleaned up a lot last time. β˜•

Everyone, give @phparch a warm welcome to and the Fediverse!

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