If Matrix is your thing, we're building out a PHP Community "space." Check it out! matrix.to/#/#phpcommunity:matr

If you're more into Discord or IRC, we've got you covered, too. Check out phpc.chat for links.

Today’s has a theme:


Also, for you fans out there in the , @sethgoldstein has launched a Mastodon instance for WordPress enthusiasts. If you’re interested in joining their local instance, ask him or another member for an invitation. Check it out at wpsocial.live

Let me know what PHP tooters you’re following across the Fediverse.

Have a great weekend!

Today’s :


Let me know what PHP accounts you follow on the Fediverse.

If you’re joining us, why not introduce yourself? Tag your toot with and pin it to your profile.

My history goes back to 2003, when Chris Shiflett launched the phpcommunity.org project. We wanted to provide a hub for the PHP community. We built up a great community on Freenode IRC (we’re in ). Nowadays, @ramsey manages the PHPC accounts & domains and is working to launch a non-profit for the PHP community.

More info here: benramsey.com/projects/php-com

RT @JoePFerguson@twitter.com: Help make it happen for PHPlashy - The Official PHP Vegas on @indiegogo@twitter.com igg.me/p/2377675/twtr

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JoePFerguson/statu

Trying out our custom emoji ... :phpc:

The shortcode is "phpc" surrounded by colons—like on slack. 😄

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