If Matrix is your thing, we're building out a PHP Community "space." Check it out! matrix.to/#/#phpcommunity:matr

If you're more into Discord or IRC, we've got you covered, too. Check out phpc.chat for links.

Hey, folks new to the fediverse! In addition to joining the PHP community at phpc.social, check out @dansup’s pixelfed.social. It’s like Instagram in the fediverse, and it’s built on .

If you’re on Board Game Arena, I’ve set up a PHP Community group. Feel free to join the group to find PHPers who like board games! en.boardgamearena.com/group?id

“According to Jenny Wong at WordCamp US, is committed to dropping 5 support by the end of 2019. She also says that the team could aim for a minimum of PHP 7.2 by the end of 2019.”


There’s a cool site that’s helping you find people to follow on the . If you toot about , consider requesting to add yourself to this list: communitywiki.org/trunk/grab/P

And find people to follow, based on topic, here: communitywiki.org/trunk

Today’s has a theme:


Also, for you fans out there in the , @sethgoldstein has launched a Mastodon instance for WordPress enthusiasts. If you’re interested in joining their local instance, ask him or another member for an invitation. Check it out at wpsocial.live

Let me know what PHP tooters you’re following across the Fediverse.

Have a great weekend!

Today’s :


Let me know what PHP accounts you follow on the Fediverse.

Let me know about your PHP conference, user group, or project Fediverse account so I can follow it. I'll start doing a for the Fediverse.

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RT @cakephp@twitter.com: Have you met the core team? Get to know the bakers behind CakePHP cakephp.org/pages/team

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RT @mikegstowe@twitter.com: Watching @adamculp@twitter.com’s presentation on Enterprise on @nomadphp@twitter.com. Keep finding myself either nodding in agreement, taking notes, or laughing at his (much better than my) jokes. If working with the enterprise, it’s definitely worth a watch!

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RT @phpugdd@twitter.com: Don't miss our tomorrow @check24de@twitter.com with @movetodevnull@twitter.com & @hollodotme@twitter.com talking about how to master and in . Save you seat: phpug-dresden.org/events.html#

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RT @phpugms@twitter.com: Dont miss our today🤓 ! @benjamincremer@twitter.com will talk about static code analysis in and in addition we have an awesome raffle today! Sneak hint, maybe it has something to do with @paulredmond@twitter.com 😉

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RT @awoods@twitter.com: In we have @SoutheastPHP@twitter.com happening now on , @CascadiaPHP@twitter.com on Sept 14-15, @wavephp@twitter.com is Sept 19-21, Symfony Live USA is Oct 11-12, @MadisonPHP@twitter.com is Nov 2-3 is Nov 14-15, and @SunShinePHP@twitter.com has their open now

Did I miss anything?

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