Here's a tip for using the federated timeline!

If you see something you don't like or there are too many posts from a user or instance, you can click to view a user profile and choose to mute or block any user. Then, leave a note to remember why.

You can also block an entire domain.

Finally, if someone is violating our local code of conduct, you may report the account, and our moderators will decide how to handle it.

(Apologies to @ericmann for using his profile as an example.)

@phpc :'( Now I want to know why I was top of kind when writing a tip on how to block folks. (And i apologize if it's anything I did...)

@ericmann @phpc Nope! I was trying to find someone who would understand it was an example and not meant as an offense. 🙂

I’m very sorry if I offended you. I can try to find another profile as an example.

@ericmann @phpc I wasn’t able to use my own profile because it’s on the same instance and doesn’t show the “Block instance” option.

@ramsey @phpc No worries at all. I'm happy to be an example so long as folks don't actually test those steps with me ;-)

@ericmann @phpc Ha! My intent wasn’t to get folks to block you. I hope they don’t.

@phpc If anyone is following these instructions, I highly recommend the "Share @ericmann's profile" one over the additional options. ;-) Just sayin' ...

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