I’ve got some cool shortcodes for PHP frameworks and CMSes. Let me know if I’m missing your favorite framework or CMS, and I’ll try to add it.

:cakephp: :codeigniter: :drupal: :drupal8: :joomla: :laravel: :slimphp: :symfony: :typo3: :wordpress: :yii: :zend: :zendfw:

From left to right:

Evil Cake
Monochrome Fire
Drupal, eighties edition
Cooperative tuning sporks
Tron cycle game
Postgres themed teapot
Fancy nail clippers
Licorice candy corn
Half-opened cheese n' crackers
Polygon fruit ninja
Team Z-Force

@phpc That's awesome, thank you so much =)
I can't help myself, though: I'd love to see other OSS common-dev software included, like Apache, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and so on.
Ping me if you wish for me to help =)

@galvao Cool! They just need to be square PNGs that are less than 50kb. You can use transparency, and they should look good when displayed very tiny. If you just reply here with images, I can grab them and add them.

@galvao No preferred size. The bigger the better, from a resolution standpoint. 50kb is the hard limit on file size.

@galvao @robert I was finally able to get around to uploading these into the system:

:apache: :mariadb: :postgresql: :linux: :neos:

@phpc glad that you ask ;) But seriously, it’s a free and Open Source PHP CMS (, for example used to run It’s not well known in the America yet, but on the rise here in Europe (we have a Fontawesome icon 😊). And, yeah, full disclosure, I founded it some years ago. But of course, adding the logo only makes sense when people talk about it and know it. So, feel free to add or ignore.

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