A common statistic I quote to folks asking about starting in cybersecurity is their life expectancy in the role. -@EricMann@twitter.com phpa.me/3ByF4Jj

AST is a technology that changed my life and the way I view code. How? ... -@votrubaT@twitter.com phpa.me/3U1JCiF

Two popular ways to instantiate new objects are via the Factory and the Builder patterns. Learn more here... -@dragonmantank@twitter.com phpa.me/3U4c5V5

Given two fractions, provide a way to add them together, subtract one from the other, multiply the two, and divide one by the other. -@omerida@twitter.com phpa.me/3BzDSFF

How many times have you looked at a portal that has just been completed and wondered, "why is it so slow?" -@pignatellicom@twitter.com phpa.me/3BBkmsC

The Makefile should be in the project's root, checked into version control, and ... -@JoePFerguson@twitter.com phpa.me/3d7IPw1

I want to share this way of seeing code so that you can deal with your "impossible problems" in a fancy and lazy way. -@votrubaT@twitter.com phpa.me/3d5uq3q

Humans are pretty good at determining patterns. This is one of the many reasons that we exist at all. -@dragonmantank@twitter.com phpa.me/3qxItCc

Why don't we allow the Repository to call the Application Service? -@ewbarnard@twitter.com phpa.me/3BA1ABK

This month we're diving more deeply into the boundaries, the crossing points, and the software layers created by this pattern. -@ewbarnard@twitter.com phpa.me/3d9f3XU

When we do our jobs well, it means people have to go out of their way to break something. -@EricMann@twitter.com phpa.me/3quBmdw

Early humans were able to detect changes in the visual and auditory patterns around them and be alerted to danger. -@dragonmantank@twitter.com phpa.me/3qDrfmB

Why is it important to place boundaries around our software layers? -@ewbarnard@twitter.com phpa.me/3quUzvF

Let's review some important caching concepts from PSR-6 definitions -@frank_wallen@twitter.com phpa.me/3qwX9RV

Just a reminder to our readers, @LaraconOnline@twitter.com will be happening this Wednesday (Sept 14th) and will be free. Make sure you mark your calendar. laracon.net/

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Read “Universal Vim Part One---No Plugins Required” by @awoods@twitter.com phpa.me/3Q9rO2I

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This book by @makopov@twitter.com covers the key technical subsystems Laravel provides a web app and Wwt to focus on and what to delegate to succeed as an entrepreneur. phparch.com/books/beyond-larav

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If you want to create a new content type, you can use the usual Web Interface, but we like the thrill of discovery and not the comfort of the known way. -@pignatellicom@twitter.com phpa.me/3Q8H9Ay

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August 2021: This month, we look at how to use Algebras from functional programming in PHP, offload tasks to Laravel Horizon, and techniques for writing code you can quickly adapt to any change.


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I've compiled a small list of typical symptoms that might drive you to switch from SQL to Graph -@ghlennagels@twitter.com phpa.me/3p2poae

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