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Camping this week, so spending some time drawing. This one is based on a tangle list from a class some weeks ago, which had a follow-up on shading this past week. Hours and hours of flow...

🆕 We have released PHP 8.0.19 and 8.1.6, which both address a dozen non-security bugs.

🔗 See the list at:

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New tangle over the weekend — a vine string, with Dra-wings, Crescent Moon buds, and Rixty 3D roots. Ink and graphite.


Has anybody done any sort of comment system that embeds and/or links Mastodon/Fediverse posts that reference a page? It seems like it would be an interesting way to provide comments and expose those comments to readers...

/cc @feditips

TIL: I can use pandoc to convert my GFM-formatted notes to JIRA/Confluence markup.

This would have saved me soooo many hours this past year...

🔎 We're looking for people interested in becoming release manager for PHP 8.2!

🗓️ You need to be able to commit to a 3½ year term, and have good knowledge of PHP and GIT, and preferably C.

🔗 Reply to the message in:

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