Somebody evidently reported my domain,, to Google Safe Browsing, claiming it — and by extension, all subdomains — is a phishing site.

I literally collect NO user information.

Anybody else ever dealt with this? How did you resolve the problem?

From the Birbsite 

@snipe honestly, this was why I pushed releasing ZF to the Linux Foundation, because we were hitting this crap all the time. No IDE licenses for community devs because the project had a commercial backer, limits to CI usage, and more and more.

Not that this helps you, but all I'm saying is I understand your rage.

The irony of logging a ticket indicating you cannot login to Slack, and having IT try and contact you via Slack...

Finished this over the long weekend - back to basics, with the Z string... Which has successfully disappeared.

Really pleased with this one!

@ramsey @Gargron I *think* I may have found it. The OG parser looks first for a canonical link, THEN an og:url. I had both, but my canonical was pointing to the site vs the specific page. Thus my cards were linking to the site instead.

Will be testing shortly...

My many-years-old Apple magic trackpad died a couple weeks ago. Discovered the v2 version now works with Linux, and that arrived last week. And then...

I discovered

Which has allowed me to do custom mapping of 3-finger gestures and, more interestingly, 4-finger hold.

I now have a "one touch" mute button for my machine. :)

Does anybody know what OpenGraph tags Mastodon uses for linking "cards"? I have OG tags set on my site, including og:url for specific blog and art posts, but the cards always link to my site, not the post.

/cc @feditips @ramsey

Check out the new homepage “hero” design on, thanks to @lhs_azevedo!

Putting this out here first — I am looking to pick up 10-15 hours A week of consulting work. People on here know my skills, hit me up if you want to talk

@pollita I've had a contact form on my site for

Checks notes...


And today, 99% of the mail I get from it is folks wanting to write content or have me post links. And they're universally poorly written.

I feel like a curmudgeon, but sheesh, folks...

Tile from a recent class - bridge transitions. I went a bit off-script, but really enjoyed the techniques presented. Tangles include Bales, Sedgwick, Jaysix, and Mooka-3D.

Ink with graphite.

@ramsey Did you have a license that required citing copyright? If so... you _could_ ask GitHub (or wherever you hosted it) to take it down.

I've done it before. It feels yucky, but, at the same time, it helps serve as an educational exercise for folks who do this sort of thing.

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