New work laptop arrived.

I've been using Linux on the desktop for 22 years. However, I'm increasingly having to jump into my Windows VM in order to work with PP and Excel files; often the web-based versions cannot expose features I need to use, or handle the file size.

So: continue with Linux + Windows VM (to which I can now allocate a ton more RAM), or move to Windows and use the WSL for dev-related things (including Docker, k8s)?

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@mauriciofauth I dual booted for a few years way back when - I found it inconvenient to go back and forth between the systems, particularly if I needed to do it more than once a day. Part of that was due to boot times, which today aren't as bad.

Definitely something to consider - thanks for reminding me of that option!

@mwop @dragonmantank @grmpyprogrammer I'm sure shochdoerfer has a very specific view on that. He's alao long time Linuxer and by now happy Windows/WSL user...

@mwop @dragonmantank @grmpyprogrammer I myself have still - and in latest times again increasingly - issues with Microsoft policies especially regarding walling off their garden. So as I don't need that much of the MS tools I'dstill use linux and then sadly can't use some features.

@heiglandreas @mwop @grmpyprogrammer While I don't agree with policies from MS, WSL2 is a nice environment to work in and I regularly switch between working there or in normal Fedora (mostly around do I plan on playing certain games that don't work under Proton).

Since the addition of the GUI layer you can even run non-CLI apps, so I don't feel hindered at all working under it. I still prefer GNOME and full fat Linux, but it works.

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So... because I had a work deadline this week, and because my Windows VM on my old machine was crashing, I ended up using the new machine's Windows 11 install... and I'm not hating it. Haven't had a chance to get moved into WSL yet; that'll be next week. Will report my experiences!

@dragonmantank @heiglandreas @grmpyprogrammer @shochdoerfer And by the end of this week, I'd wiped the machine, installed Linux, and created a windows 11 VM.

It was death by a thousand paper cuts - unreliable communication between gpg on wsl and my yubikey, lack of an easy way to type special characters (I don't have a num pad on my keyboard), lack of middle click paste, no way to restart MS Terminal quake mode if wsl restarts, difficulties getting vagrant working within wsl, and more.

@dragonmantank @heiglandreas @grmpyprogrammer @shochdoerfer None of them, by themselves, was horrible (though the yubikey thing made gpg signing and ssh a huge issue). But in the aggregate, I was setting myself up for a frustrating experience.

I had Linux up and running how I wanted in hours. Meaning I'll be back to normal productivity immediately when I sit back down to work next week.

Silver lining: I better understand windows now, so my VM is already easier to work in.

@mwop @dragonmantank @heiglandreas @grmpyprogrammer yeah, the Yubikey issue is annoying. Took me quite a few different routes to get it working and it's kind of reliable right now.
As an alternative, you might be able to connect the USB device directly to WSL2 but I haven't tested that.

@shochdoerfer @dragonmantank @heiglandreas @grmpyprogrammer yeah, actually started down that route before going the whole "communicate via socket to the windows gpg-agent" route. The problem was that usbipd couldn't bind it - failed every time. And for some reason, the socket route started failing for me, even when win gpg-agent could see the card. Honestly, all of this felt like hacks running on top of hacks.

Far easier with windows running in a VM - virtualbox binds all USB transparently.

@heiglandreas @dragonmantank @mwop @shochdoerfer sorry I am late to this — I would’ve stuck with “OS I am most comfortable with and VM’s for all the other stuff”:

@grmpyprogrammer @heiglandreas @dragonmantank @shochdoerfer That was my initial gut take as well, but the work deadline which had me using the installed Windows had me rethink.

Next time I'll listen to my gut.

@mwop @dragonmantank @grmpyprogrammer Win + WSL2 works perfectly for me for a similar scenario that you described. Even though I am a Linux user by heart, for work it is the best mix. Happy to chat or show you my setup & learnings in detail.

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