Does anybody know what OpenGraph tags Mastodon uses for linking "cards"? I have OG tags set on my site, including og:url for specific blog and art posts, but the cards always link to my site, not the post.

/cc @feditips @ramsey

@kboyd @ramsey @mwop I'm not familiar with the Mastodon source code, but this looks to me as if og:urls are only matched when they start with http, not https 🤔

@mwop @jerome @ramsey maybe - but to me, this looks like a test, not the actual code doing the work. It could be that http is the only one that is tested.

@mwop I can’t find any documentation specific to Open Graph, but there is an API request that represents a card:

@Gargron, can you point us in the right direction?

@ramsey @Gargron I *think* I may have found it. The OG parser looks first for a canonical link, THEN an og:url. I had both, but my canonical was pointing to the site vs the specific page. Thus my cards were linking to the site instead.

Will be testing shortly...

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