I've been using Wayland with GNOME for close to a year now, because it used fewer resources than Xorg.

When I switched, I moved most of my comm tools into the browser as well.

Two weeks ago, my browser suddenly, between meetings, stopped recognizing my mic. I had to switch back to dedicated apps, but lost things like individual window sharing.

I'm now back to Xorg... and surprisingly, it's using less memory.

My periodic reminder to shake things up on my desktop every now and then.

@mwop I've noticed the same thing, but I am stuck on Xorg because of Barrier (synergy replacement). Even though I've got a newer AMD card Xorg still feels smoother than Wayland.

@dragonmantank I'm likely going to stick with Xorg for a bit again. I have to do screen sharing regularly, and the ability to share specific windows is crazy convoluted under Wayland. Plus, you know, mic issues.

And, seriously - using something like 20-30% less memory than I was. Which is exactly the opposite from when I was originally switched to Wayland. :-/

@mwop @dragonmantank interesting
No problems with my mic, but since a couple of weeks screensharing via webapps is buggy
Never thought it could be wayland related
Will give Xorg a shot
Thanks for sharing

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