✨📺 The XOXO 2019 talks are here! Starting today, we’re releasing one video per weekday. To get notified, you can subscribe on YouTube and turn on notifications. youtube.com/xoxofest

Kicking off XOXO 2019, Tracy Clayton talks publicly for the first time about the rollercoaster of making Another Round at BuzzFeed, the importance of not signing an NDA, and the challenge of caring for yourself in the timeline era. youtu.be/lz5gpU5egOM

"To organize is to be deeply human." @GameWorkers co-founder @EmmaKinema on their effort to unionize the video game industry, and building a movement with radical care and compassion. youtu.be/dHp_DwVm2EA


@xoxo people think that is cool to say "comrades" like communists and to say that people should give Portland back to "people that was there before". These people are so fragile that they might need some reality to see that the industry is hard for everybody and this is simply how people learn to get better: challenges... to organize workers is one thing, but this being done by people with these ideas makes all of this corrupt and ideological by nature, and is just bad

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