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We can fly a helicopter on Mars, but can't turn on the lights in Texas because scientists are in charge of Mars, but Republicans are in charge of Texas.

Spent some time yesterday playing with Github Actions. The marketplace seems to make it easy to make headway for newbies such as myself, but handing over control like that is still a bit unnerving.

I found a way to set my ZSH_THEME differently in PHPStorm than in the terminal (because I run the IDE in light mode, like a monster, but the terminal in dark mode as intended)

In .zshrc:
if [[ -z "$ZSH_THEME" ]]; then

Then in PHPStorm, I can specify a ZSH_THEME environment key to set the theme I want.

... doctrine/dbal. illuminate/database. something else? Raw PDO? I dunno.

Current status: Getting php8.0 & extensions installed via macports. I wonder why php80-imagick doesn't exist ...

Well, Travis still doesn't like PHP 8, even though it has been added to PHP-build. I guess it takes time for all that stuff to percolate through the ecosystem :) Guess that means I'll be intentionally merging with "failing" tests, though.

Success! I finally got php8 + gd to compile on macOS. I had to `sudo port uninstall gd2`, otherwise I guess the libraries were getting entangled and it was confusing the build system.

Oof, the method for Strike 2 is itself a multi-strike. It has another Strike 1. But at least it's not tied to a specific implementation.

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I want to unit test a method that is 18 lines long, and there's so much going on that I don't think I can ... at least not in the same repo it lives in.

Strike 1: Internal static array cache
Strike 2: Invocation of a static method to do some work
Strike 3: Hard-coded constant referencing *one* project that it is included from

Diagnosis: Rewrite

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For Cyber Monday, we’re offering PHP 8.0 for free! Go download it today!

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I don't normally repost my twitter content here, due to my belief that repost-bots are actually a detriment to platform growth, but I thought I'd manually repost this one:

"Agreement doesn't lead to clicks. No clicks, no profit. Therefore, unless they find a way to break the feedback loop powering their profits, it is the function of a profit-based social network to wilfully - gleefully - tear itself apart."

Does anyone know of a php8 Docker image with imagemagick enabled that i can use for some CLI tasks? Preferably one of the tags on the official PHP images

Hmm, I've failed to unlock the secret of compiling php8 with gd support on macOS. Using --enable-gd causes complaints of duplicated/differing symbols. 🤷

Maybe "^7.2|^8.0" ... or will someone yell at me for that?

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Hmm, I need to replace "php": "^7.2" in a composer.json ... so that it can support 7.2-8.0 ... suggestions?

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Yay, make clean did work. But now I need to figure out how to enable openssl 😂

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It's the weekend, so naturally I'm up past midnight attempting to compile PHP8 on macos and hitting an obstacle (something about mbstring + pcre was causing an error from ld about symbols not being found .... I dunno. Maybe make clean fixed it? Probably not.)

Wrote a quick blog post about it with a short demo of how it can be embedded into blog posts:

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TIL about - similar to a tool I started but never shipped, and it includes support for Composer dependencies.

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