I don't normally repost my twitter content here, due to my belief that repost-bots are actually a detriment to platform growth, but I thought I'd manually repost this one:

"Agreement doesn't lead to clicks. No clicks, no profit. Therefore, unless they find a way to break the feedback loop powering their profits, it is the function of a profit-based social network to wilfully - gleefully - tear itself apart."

@saramg I'm still on S1, but making progress. No Fontaine as yet.

Started yet another project last night. This time I'm going to practice README-driven development, by mapping out the goals and features of the project in the readme and then implementing them.

I'm sure it'll soon wash up on the Shores of Abandonment like all of my other projects, but what else can you do when your hobby is apparently "thinking of new projects, making a tiny bit of progress, and then forgetting about them"?

@saramg Yes, vaguely. The last time I recall eating in at a restaurant was Feb 28th, 2020, which by my count was about five years ago. I took my computer to a local pub and had a chicken caesar wrap with clam chowder.

Even at the time, there was some skittishness on my part about possible contagions.

That was the day before the first recorded COVID-19 death in next-door-neighbour Washington State.

I took a photo of the wrap, although I haven't posted it; turns out: not very photogenic. 😂

I feel like this example of null coalesce gotchas is lacking some pop. I need to find a gnarlier example. Ideas?

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Thinking of doing a series of kinda short blog posts about intro-to-PHP-7&8 type stuff. Stuff that might seem "easy". So far I'm planning to cover null coalesce and short functions and the spaceship operator (in that order, for reasons). What else should I touch on?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Beryllium9/status/

@saramg At least the error message I just found makes sense: "Read-only application cannot POST."

@saramg Heh. Meanwhile, I just tried to configure a Beehive chain to read from RSS and post to Twitter (like it already does for posting to my Mastodon) and ... it seems to have vanished into the ether. Computers. 🤷‍♂️

Any chance someone might be able to proofread a blog post I'm writing about contravariants/covariants?

Launched my blog redesign today - Whateverthing, now with a taste of Tailwind: whateverthing.com/

Started redesigning my blog in Tailwind. It's coming along alright. A little bit tedious to restore "normal" HTML functionality, but each time I encounter something that's been reset to basics, it gives me a chance to re-evaluate the design of it. So that's good, I guess.

@saramg there's a video clip going around showing mondegreened lyrics for Tiny Dancer. You've probably seen it already, but just in case ... twitter.com/electrolemon/statu

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