What's the most concise PHP syntax for "if not null, cast to int, otherwise use null"?

What I've got so far:

$var = (null !== $var) ? (int)$var : null;


if (null !== $var) { $var = (int)$var; }

Points to spatie/icalendar-generator. That was a totally painless integration experience for generating .ics files.

Been hemming and hawing over a hobby project idea since April, and finally made some progress on it today thanks to Miro (mapping out my ideas) and Auth0 (handling signup and login). One detail I need to fill in is how to create a local database record for users that sign up via auth0, so I guess that's my next avenue of inquisition. And then I can get started on the visual design.

@Crell Hey, quick thought on your data provider blog post (which was a great summation of my favourite parts of data providers): a fifth advantage of `yield` over `array` is that if you accidentally give two data provider entries the same name, a `yield` will result in both being tested, but an `array` will result in the second occurrence clobbering the first. It's silly, but for large providers, it could conceivably one day save someone's butt.

Set up Pi-Hole running in a Docker instance on my Synology NAS. Now I just need to set it as the default DNS for the DHCP server on the RT-AX88U and then I can sit back and wait for any one of those things to fail inexplicably.

... what to do, what to do. So many things I'd like to do, but absolutely don't have the energy to do them myself. If only I could hire a team to do it for me.

Paying people to code on my own hobby projects. Hmm. That seems even sillier when I type it out.

@saramg @ericmann We're sending plenty of robots. However, I for one would very much like to see Lovell City become a real thing.

@ericmann @saramg It's okay! It's not as bad as that! At least not yet:

"THE" moon landing was in 1969, which was 27 years before Independence Day, which is only 25 years old.

However, the final apollo landing was in 1972, and that was 24 years before Independence Day.

One thing's for sure: We need to get back to the moon! World cheese supplies are at historic lows.

"PHP 8 has two release maintainers. Sara is one, who is the other?"

"Is the other maintainer also Sara?"


Reading GitHub comments on one coworker's PR, another coworker compliments his coding style and advocates for that method of avoiding nested if statements. And I'm like "Yeah. Preach it."

And then I lurch forward, remembering that I wrote one earlier today & have suddenly realized a way to refactor it to remove the nesting.

Do I code now, or do I wait until tomorrow?


Mark it down: 9:55am. That's when I hit a coding catch-22 that will frustrate me for the next (checks Apple schedule) two hours.

Installing PHP 8 on Raspbian is a lot easier when you have a decent guide for it. Found this one tonight: lindevs.com/install-php-8-0-on

I finally got my underwater drone back in the water after a long winter hiatus, and I found something neat! youtu.be/KT-g50Rq-2o

@pollita but no, functions aren't given that level of participation in the ecosystem right now.

@pollita if you could `composer install whoever/println`, then have a `use Whoever\println;` in your file that talks to the console, problem solved.

@pollita I like it! Looks super handy for my typical PHP usage. Of course, your point is also 100% correct (if a bit blunt).

But if we could just make functions "first class" (no pun intended), it wouldn't need to exist at the language level.

Went for a walk today & took a photo of an old rusted car wreck. I'd taken a photo of the same wreck 10 years ago, and thought it would be fun to try again. flickr.com/photos/beryllium/51

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