@saramg At least the error message I just found makes sense: "Read-only application cannot POST."

@saramg Heh. Meanwhile, I just tried to configure a Beehive chain to read from RSS and post to Twitter (like it already does for posting to my Mastodon) and ... it seems to have vanished into the ether. Computers. 🤷‍♂️

Any chance someone might be able to proofread a blog post I'm writing about contravariants/covariants?

Launched my blog redesign today - Whateverthing, now with a taste of Tailwind: whateverthing.com/

Started redesigning my blog in Tailwind. It's coming along alright. A little bit tedious to restore "normal" HTML functionality, but each time I encounter something that's been reset to basics, it gives me a chance to re-evaluate the design of it. So that's good, I guess.

@saramg there's a video clip going around showing mondegreened lyrics for Tiny Dancer. You've probably seen it already, but just in case ... twitter.com/electrolemon/statu

It was excruciating to get a site up and running on Amazon today - an otherwise-simple one-page static site. But I persevered. I'm told that Netlify might be a better avenue in the future. :)

Now I just need to find some infosec folks to take a look at the site I made, to ensure that I'm not accidentally being misleading about the subject matter.

Wrote 2000 words today about the ROV I purchased. Planning to use it as a script for a youtube video review, but man, it needs a lot of polish before I can film it. Drained my creativity supply for the day, yet the resulting "prose" feels like the most utilitarian boring phrasing one could imagine. Oh well. It's good to have a draft to work from!

@ramsey Yep! Speaking of ... are there any code highlighting plugins for mastodon instances?

Ooh, looks like I might have helped pull in a few more mastodon users via phpc.social ... :)

Currently wrestling with TravisCI to get Sculpin building under OS X (and hopefully, Windows).

The phpmyadmin project's travis YML file has been super helpful as a reference.

GitHub actions question: How does one access the GITHUB_* env vars from inside an entrypoint.sh file inside a docker file invoked by "runs: image: 'Dockerfile'" in the action.yml?

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