No, I think I won't be adding that to my domain cart.

Just when I thought I was starting to understand the depths of weirdness to which the world can sink ...


Serverless functions on Digital Ocean, you say? Fun!

I've nerdsniped myself - instead of working on the wordpress site I need to finish, I'm trying to reverse engineer the "bionic reading" algorithm for funsies.

It's that thing that went around last week, of text with the first half of each word in bold. Supposedly improves reading speed or comprehension or both; I couldn't discern any difference in the sample text, so I'm making a way to test with larger blocks of text.

I've got a working algorithm, but it doesn't perfectly match. Refining it.

I see no reason why LCARS wouldn't be fully backed by (an evolved version of) SQL.

First real ride on my new ebike today. So far, seems like it was a good purchase :)

Spotted this sorting algorithm on Twitter, "ICantBelieveItCanSort", and thought ... hey, php has the syntax to do this too.

Pretty sure this is O(n^2) in its purest form.

Hmm. Haven't considered this syntax before, but no reason it shouldn't work ... (Inspired by a tweet about C++ demonstrating if/else-while)

3v4l link for the image's code:

... doctrine/dbal. illuminate/database. something else? Raw PDO? I dunno.

I feel like this example of null coalesce gotchas is lacking some pop. I need to find a gnarlier example. Ideas?

Current status: doing fun things with ReactHttpServer in Sculpin ...

Every time I hear about the "jamf" tool for corporate device management. Every time.

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