Okay, so I know this doesn't exactly copy the behavior you'd see in a Symfony Application, but the difference is not appreciable in my use case. E.g. --quiet is not leading

But damn, if this isn't beautiful and self-descriptive :) Praise the PHP gods.

Coming up on a new major version of one of my most downloaded libraries. Just have to write some more tests and documentation. Y'know, otherwise known as 40% done πŸ˜‚

At least I had something fun to do during leave, considering the state of planet earth.

But in all seriousness, I was able to introduce so much more flexibility and control for the user, because the maintainability is actually reasonable with PHP 7.4 and 8.0 features. This language, man. I tell ya. It's gonna make all great again.

This is just one of those things I'm not particularly proud of, but it's really nice to have it there as a reference:


It's a Makefile template for Composer projects. Simply add $(COMPOSER_AUTOLOAD) as a dependency to your target and it ensures dependencies are installed and changes to composer.json are taken care of.

- Supports Docker
- Automatically chooses composer install / update
- Detects vendor-dir location using config
- Supports both composer and composer.phar

Wow. It dawned on me that for almost two decades now I've been writing PHP. Still my favorite language. Definitely thanks to all the recent contributions to the language.


Last week I finally treated myself to a small personal PHP project. Against odds, I finished it all in just an afternoon:


It really helped me appreciate the new things about PHP 8, like constructor property promotion and union types.

Btw, I built it into a Docker image: hub.docker.com/r/johmanx10/rai

No, I did not add code analysis, tests or automated building of Docker images. It's a personal project. Sue me :P

Wow, I found the first good use for suggesting a short function in the wild. Amazing.

Ben Eater set a 10% discount on his kits for Black Friday

@saramg perhaps a suggestion for your Christmas present? The VGA kit looks lots of fun IMHO.

My current pet projects:
*) Building a 3D game engine
*) Creating a NES emulator
*) Building a compiler for my own language.

Now to figure out time travel so I can actually finish (some of) them.

For those who missed it: youtu.be/zSBq0okblxg

On top of the Elephpant. My talk on writing a programming language on top of PHP. No BNF, but top down operator precedence.

@pollita if health permits and you could use some distraction from the elections, it would be a pleasure to have you attend 😊

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@calevans at the special request of GroningenPHP, I extend a personal invitation to you. It seems they are particularly fond of you 😁

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Today it's happening! On top of the Elephpant. Come join the Meetup hosted by GroningenPHP and learn how to create your own programming language. Check out this Meetup with GroningenPHP meetu.ps/e/JlXNH/ct492/d

Starts at 7:30 PM GMT+1 (Amsterdam time)

My first day at elgentos. One of the reasons I know this was a good choice, is the amount of variety we have in the office.

On November 5th of 2020, I will be giving an online talk about how to start building your own programming language. By the end of the talk, you will have all the tools you need to get started building your own, or team up with me. Yes, we can build a programming language on top of PHP. On top of the Elephpant.


@pollita today I was able to cheer up a coworker by sharing your table flip package πŸ‘ πŸ’š

I've (re)watched all ST real life action content out there in the last year, except for DS9 and a couple of documentaries. Even though I like most characters, it just doesn't click with me. Even when there is a sense of urgency, I miss those really epic moments you see in the rest of the franchise. Yet, it's the favorite part of the franchise for a friend of mine. I can't help but wonder how much better the story would've been if it weren't a space station, but a colony ship instead. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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