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Spending my morning relearning how to play Mage Knight and dreaming about the future.

I was eyeing this weekend’s low temps as week and I’m SOOO grateful that the folks in charge of turning on the heat in my building were too.

Attn: Anyone who knows folks from Telltale in search of work, we're hiring here at High Moon. Please reach out if you see something you like. Let's get folks back on their feet quick.



My super power is ordering the thing on the menu that they’re out of.

Tomorrow, I’m checking out Wellworth, the new co-working space in DT St. Paul that’s in the old Woolworth’s building, for one of their series of free co-working events.

Really struggling with putting together this lunch and learn presentation for Friday and I'm not sure why. The concept is easy. I think it's my mentally trying to stretch it out to an hour that's becoming a blocker.

The primary difference between "don't @ me" and the "change my mind" guy is that the latter wants to waste your time and energy to achieve the same result.

Good morning, PHPC, and happy Friday! I'm hoping for a fun and productive day full of interesting (and accomplishable) challenges, not just for me, but for you all.

It's September and, at least in the Twin Cities, the sun is out. Let's do this!

I've been reading "Refactoring" by Martin Fowler off and on for a little while, and I really like this quote:

"Refactoring means you never have to say you're sorry – you just fix it."

Working on the one thing I can consistently manage to accomplish several times a year: putting together a topic list for our bi-monthly WordPress Pros meetup! I truly enjoy doing this, and am planning on putting a demo together for the group as well.

Thinking about that Mister Rogers sweater color chart and hoping I’m in my yellow period forever, but I’m okay to shift into greens and purples, too.

Let me know about your PHP conference, user group, or project Fediverse account so I can follow it. I'll start doing a for the Fediverse.

Please boost this post for reach. Thanks!

It was a wonderful weekend. 

Fun conference, fun party times with friends, got to try a great Minnesota whiskey that my partner designed the packaging for, received positive feedback about my talk, spent time at the Beer Dabbler, and had a very chill Sunday.

I've got a standing desk and a 2nd monitor on the way this week, so I'm hoping the work week is at least 10% as good as the time off was.

#wcmsp Jeremy Ward 

In my Composer talk: "Oh, I forgot to talk about Mastodon! You should sign up and follow me here."

"What's Mastodon?"

"Oh! It's like a Birdsite that you can install on your own server and it talks to all the other Birdsites."

#wcmsp Reid Peifer 

On mood boards: "I don't really enjoy them, clients seem to love them. They're feel-good."


#wcmsp Reid Peifer 

The real magic happens in editing, in revisions, and in iteration. Getting something up and running quickly, then iterating upon it, is of utmost importance.

#wcmsp Reid Peifer 

Gutenberg is going to force you to think about how the things that you design are going to be extended.

#wcmsp Drew Gorton 

If you refer to the people you work with as "they" and not "we", then there is a problem.

#wcmsp Drew Gorton 

When comparing who work on something they're passionate about for free vs. people who work on something that get paid, the people who are passionate work faster.

"That's interesting, because we all do capitalism."

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