Trying to sort out how image descriptions work in Tootdon. I don’t see any place that’s not part of the toot itself to add one. Am I missing something?

Regardless, here’s a photo of the £1 poker chip from the new deluxe remake of Brass by Roxley Games, one of my favorites.

@ramsey I understand that it’s encouraged to provide descriptions of images you post to Mastodon for a11y reasons, but it’s not clear to me whether that text is somehow attached to the image or you should write it as part of your post.


@ramsey For instance, providing alt-text to images in WordPress automatically applies them to the image tags. Not sure whether that’s the same here. If it’s a feature of Mastodon, it doesn’t seem to be extended to my iOS client.

@jmichaelward I know what alt-text is. I’m not sure what part if the toot would apply as alt-text for images you add to it.

@ramsey My apologies if I’m not describing the issue well, there’s no way I meant to imply you didn’t know what alt-text was. I just meant there’s a UI for applying it in WordPress, I’m told its use is encouraged here, but I don’t know whether it’s an actual feature or just an encourager practice.

@jmichaelward Oh. I think they just want you to describe the photos in your toot when you post them, instead of just posting photos with no text.

@ramsey That’s what I’m looking for. Thanks - trying my best to be a good citizen of the Fediverse. :)

@jmichaelward @ramsey They mean the bit where it says 'Describe for the visually impaired'. You can click on it and enter a description, which will show up as alt text.

@gemma @ramsey Hmm, no wonder I’m confused - don’t see it at all. Here’s a shot of my post screen after I attach an image.

@gemma @jmichaelward Is that in the master branch and not on a stable version yet? I don’t think it appears in my web interface, much less in Tootdon or Amaroq.

@ramsey @gemma Can confirm - the description support is in the browser, but is not on Tootdon.

@ramsey @jmichaelward Nope, that screenshot was from the web interface. No idea what the app ecosystem support for that feature is like, though; I have a 'Set caption' option in @Tusky (Android) if I tap the image, but I haven't used Tootdon.

@gemma @jmichaelward I haven’t tried uploading a photo through the web interface yet, so that ’splains it.

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