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Welcome to Xdebug Cloud, a new service by @derickr@twitter.com, the author of @Xdebug@twitter.com

Xdebug Cloud exists to make debugging PHP with Xdebug in more complicated networking set-ups, such as through docker, vagrant, and development machines on cloud services, easier.

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Just arrived. Thank you @arneblankerts@twitter.com @s_bergmann@twitter.com, @spriebsch@twitter.com! I'll enjoy & celebrate this. πŸ˜‹πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

ICYMI: This is a killer feature in latest @phpstorm@twitter.com if you need a set of classes generated for your project. Or a class and its test in one go. More expressive code, but less code to write! πŸ’š


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After a challenging year, we'd like to do something good for those who have been hit hard by the pandemic.


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A little 🎁 under πŸŽ„β€“ PHPStan 0.12.64 is out with support for dependent variables! github.com/phpstan/phpstan/rel

Get it while it's hot.

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PHP 8.1 might bring async support. But there is already an interesting alternative:



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If you are using in @phpstorm@twitter.com and want syntax highlighting for WITH queries - here is how you can have it. 😬 πŸ‘‰ youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/W

Hey @amazon@twitter.com, wenn ihr mir den falschen Artikel schickt, warum sollte ich den nochmal falsch haben wollen?Option β€œRichtigen Artikel zusenden” fehlt natΓΌrlich. πŸ€¨πŸ™„

NO, no, please don't tell me after all these hours spent that this code I spotted by accident in a definition CSV file is executed during the import... πŸ₯Ί

click ...

... click


"don't try to catch any exeption - it's useless!!"

Current status: Debugging a 6 year old custom product import in Magento 1.9 on 5.5 😭

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⏰Reminder: Heute Abend 20:00 Uhr freuen wir uns auf den Vortrag von Yannick Penz von @JudithAndresen@twitter.com über die Herausforderungen in Remote-Formaten /cc

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Happy birthday to the Boolean operators!

Published more than 160 years, George Boole’s book introduced β€œand”, β€œor," β€œnot” and the general concept of symbolic logic.

Read "The Laws of Thought" for free here: bit.ly/2Ses3Lv


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Hawking's short history of time is always a good read in times of uncertainty. It reminds me of how little this amount of time will have affected my life in the rush of a memory 10 years from now. Its big thoughts take me far away from the implementation details of current lifeπŸ€”

Hey @phpstorm@twitter.com, the download / update link for 2020.3 RC is not working. Just in case no-one reported it yet. 😬


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Without saying what year you started coding, Quote this tweet with something (an ide, a build/ deploy process) to signify how long you've been coding

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πŸ“’ Looks like RC4 wasn't the last one after all.

πŸ“… Today sees the release of RC5, the likely LAST release candidate for PHP 8.0.

πŸ“° php.net/archive/2020.php#2020-

The 8.0.0 final release is still scheduled for next Thursday, November 26th. πŸ”š

🐘 Photo by @DragonBe@twitter.com

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DACH am 03.12.20 mit mir, , @GitLab@twitter.com CI und ein paar anderen Freunden. Wird spannend!


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