So we're doing Comference again this year. We're looking for companies to sponsor the event. Let me know if you know any companies that would like to sponsor an online conference focussing on the leas discussed topics surrounding web development!


As a product manager I'm always in meetings. The only time management trick that's worked to get uninterrupted time is to either block of entire days as no meeting days or block of the equivalent of an 8 hour workday in 3 - 4 hour chunks as focus time.

Nothing else works.


@dragonmantank I mean... Jesus is a pretty common name by now... πŸ˜‚

Don’t forget that it is Friday and you are allowed to stop doing what you are doing and take a break.


@pollita 🀣 Thanks for highlighting the Layer8 and above "challenges" in such a migration!!!!!

Running svn2git was the least issue in that!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

@pollita I'll happily join in... tomorrow. After we've actually turned off commit access to SVN!

@thatdamnqa Sadly the obsession of Sales will cause others to pop up. Like πŸ˜•

But yes: That should never have found it's way into PECL...

@thatdamnqa Yeah. With latest release being 5 years old and the names dataset being 12 years old. I'd say that is safely deprecated....

@ramsey @saramg That was due to 2 completely separate things happening. One was adding types to functions and the other one was consolidating the error/warnings/exceptions... Both in itself made perfect sense. That both together would cause havoc slipped at least my mind... πŸ˜•

@ramsey @saramg I'd argue that it is a "hidden feature" that a function that clearly states that it expects an array can use a simple string. I might argue differently if the result of that completely wrong call would be "Hello W"...

@saramg I do love to use my yubikey for 2FA. I switch the yubikey less frequently than the phone... 😁

I'm so sick of blocking tech stacks again. Today: Dialing into a Windows machine via TeamViewer to access a Linux VM running there. And of course every now and then keyboard input is flakey. Makes debugging in the VM pure fun.... 😑

Nice. is a containerization like , but it's written in bash. Nice mention in's talk about containers.

Containers are a lie. Namespaces in diguise.

"Cloud computing is a multi layered lie."

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