Such is the power of Open Source that when launched in four languages (en, pt_BR, de, and ru), someone stepped up IMMEDIATELY to provide a French translation:

Use the English version as the source of truth.

You can also reference the Spanish translation my wife put up just a few hours ago:

Check the in the root of that repo for how to run your own copy of the website (ridiculously simple).

@alessandrolai But honestly, reviving the Italian translation of the documentation would be huge if you can see your way to working on that. We had to retire it since it got out of date.

@pollita really? That's sad! I could try to ask the Italian community to work on that, we'll see.

@alessandrolai @pollita We are currently only moving languages that got commits within the last 2 years over to git. So it might be easier to start a new clone. And perhaps after the transition is done?

@heiglandreas ok then, so ping me when it's done..

With a new clone, I would have to start from scratch right? Isn't that a lot of wasted effort? Or the overall version of the docs are too advanced to recover the old translations?


@alessandrolai Oh. We can also move the italian docs over. But I expect it to also be a lot of effort to go through all the pages and see where they are outdated. Not sure which is more effort...

@heiglandreas well, we'll see. Since it would have to be a community effort, we could leave the instructions and leave it to the individual contributors.

I bet there are numerous low hanging fruits, especially with old pages that did not receive updates in the language for a long time.

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