Crossing my fingers for everyone en route to PHPDay that your travel will work out as expected.

And have a great time in Verona everyone! I miss you!

I find it really interesting that Microsoft Support people are calling german people from a german phonenumber and are not capable of speaking ... german...


Or might that be possible that those aren't actually Microsoft support people? No way!!!


On a side note: I wonder which windows computer they are always talking about. 🤣

The thing that I love about our team is we have the typical office chat about non work related things. It’s so important.

Monday morning before the meeting? Chit chat about our weekend, what we got up to, etc etc.

Make space for non work related things!

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Have an absolutely awesome day today @akrabat

With 🍰, ☕ and one or the other 🚂!


If you need support on a limited basis for a professional project, and will work with someone fully remote, I’m available at short notice.


OK. PHPday is next week in Verona, Italy. One of the greatest PHP conferences there currently is. If you want to attend and can make it to Verona next week, Ingewikkeld is giving away one ticket! Reply here or on Twitter ( We'll announce the winner on Monday.

@heiglandreas the problem I have with public transport is the tendency to operate it as though it should be a profit making business rather than the social good that it should be.

Time and time again I have seen private enterprise take over public transport only to cut back on "rural" loss-making routes and pushing users into alternative transport (walking, biking or driving if they can afford it) or unemployment.

The problem I have with public transport in rural areas is that it is often faster to walk wherever you want to go than to wait for the next connection.

And we are talking distances of up to 10km.

Unless that gets fixed, people will depend on their own means of motorized transportation. Or just be cut off.

Tonight at 7:30PM CET the second Ingewikkeld Session starts, with Jaap van Otterdijk doing a Docker 101 session which will be interesting to those who've not yet worked with Docker, but also to those who already have experience with it.

Great article by on how open source leads the way for sustainable technology:

Any former Adobe Bridge & Photoshop users that have successfully switched to using open source products? I'd love to hear what's changed in your workflow and what software you're using nowadays!

So if anyone is looking for some music for a PHP (or Postrges) themed podcasd: I just rediscovered "Elephant Talk" by King Crimson

Wir haben uns in einem Blogpost geirrt und müssen uns korrigieren: in den letzten Jahren haben wir und 75.000€ in SSDs investiert und seit heute laufen ALLE Uberspaces auf SSDs!

Auf eine rasante Zukunft! Danke, dass ihr uns solche Investitionen ermöglicht! 🍾

That feeling when a half-hour task turns into a daylong research topic as you need to resolve a docker-networking issue without access to proper tooling in docker because you "just" need to install phpunit inside a docker container.

It's going to be one of *those* days.

And why can networking via Android Hotspot not just work... 🙄

Yes! We are going for a walkie in a second! Can I just change into something more comfy? Yes? Thanks!

Today is one of those days...

lots of sneezing and coughing. brought to you by birch and rapeseed (and whatever else)

If Matrix is your thing, we're building out a PHP Community "space." Check it out!

If you're more into Discord or IRC, we've got you covered, too. Check out for links.

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