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For Cyber Monday, we’re offering PHP 8.0 for free! Go download it today! php.net/releases/8.0/en.php

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Everybody loves to report the negative. We are all too happy to participate in an IDR to try and cancel someone. Too few of us take the time to just stop and tell someone about something good someone did.

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Folks, with 2020 being the year that it was, we're not seeing as many interested contributors this year. Therefore we're opening things up to previous contributors as well. If you'd like to submit a new article this year, please do get in touch. 24daysindecember.net/2020/10/3

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Did I get this right? Because if so, folks, we have a problem here. And it's not the man maintaining a vital piece of the PHP ecosystem in his fucking free time deciding he's only going to support PHP versions under active maintenance.

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Don't ask me why I have to think of Stockholm Syndrom right now....

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If Sebastian walks away and abandons PHPUnit I'm sure everyone would lament not supporting mental health of OSS maintainers, but I have seen several very prominent community members adding to the guilt and pressure I'm sure Sebastian is feeling. It's not fucking on, tbqh.

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This kind of pressure people are putting on Sebastian to support ALL ZE PHP VERSIONS is the sort of pressure that causes many maintainers to wash their hands and walk away. Please, STOP this nonsense of expecting the world from OSS maintainers. They owe you nothing. You owe THEM. twitter.com/s_bergmann/status/

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Hi! Let’s let package maintainers decide how they want to spend their valuable time supporting what versions of PHP they want to. Want to support one highly specific version, go at it! Want to support every version that ever existed, yay you! Thank you regardless.

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If - for whatever reason - you need to patch some dependency of your PHP code: packagist.org/packages/cweagan

Fixes your issue without puting an extra burden onto the maintainers while waiting for them to include your patch 😉


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🖐 There is a lot of finger-pointing in the open-source community, especially regarding who should put in more work for free and who has more important things to do.

You don't owe anything to anybody unless you

- made a promise
- get paid


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Hawking's short history of time is always a good read in times of uncertainty. It reminds me of how little this amount of time will have affected my life in the rush of a memory 10 years from now. Its big thoughts take me far away from the implementation details of current life🤔

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When you read a wikipedia page and turn to the language-switch to see whether the english page has more information - and you realize that you _are_ on the english page... 🙈

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Spiders are the only web developers that enjoy finding bugs.

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And another one from 2 days earlier...


(that should read "Mönstadt, Ernste Mühle". And I still haven't figured out why the first Umlaut is correct, but the second isn't. Some serious F*ck up in entering the first in ISO and the second as UTF8)


I just found this little gem on my phone...

Looks lime I need to update a slidedeck... 🤣🙈


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@EmmaBostian@twitter.com SVN: The "No, we don't have Coke. Is Pepsi fine?" of version control.

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