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@nicolasgrekas@twitter.com @shochdoerfer@twitter.com Perhaps this package could help github.com/kalessil/production. Enforces licenses to present and be in allowed licenses list.

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Looking for a new opportunity. DMs are open.

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@heiglandreas@twitter.com @Mark_Baker@twitter.com @phpstorm@twitter.com @Mark_Baker@twitter.com FWIW, more detailed reasoning (IDE-unrelated) at externals.io/message/110004#11

The IDE is just one of the many :)

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Did the @Microsoft@twitter.com team just tell everyone to use WSL2 and stop supporting PHP on @Windows@twitter.com? externals.io/message/110907

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Die TYPO3 User Group Stuttgart trifft sich heute wieder online um 19 Uhr. GΓ€ste wie immer willkommen.
Anmeldung unter us02web.zoom.us/meeting/regist

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Awesome advice from @developerjack@twitter.com in respect to conference proposals: your talk doesn't have to exist when you propose it! If you give a general storyline in the reviewer-only notes, along with a short abstract and description, it'll be good to go!

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Juhu, wir wollen am 19. September wieder barcampen, unkonfen - also speakonfen. Diesmal natΓΌrlich Remote/Online. Wir freuen uns auf den Austausch mit Euch. Alle sind willkommen, sowohl alte Hasen als auch die, die Erfahrung sammeln wollen. Jetzt anmelden: speakonf.de/

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If you are thinking about publishing software, and if you hope for broad adoption, consider starting with the documentation - it will help avoid design and support issues.

Some people call this approach documentation-driven development.


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@BinaryKitten@twitter.com I think that as a community we can do this again. The phptestfest.org site still exists and I think many people within @phpc@twitter.com would like to participate to make 8.0 release a massive success. Maybe @ramsey@twitter.com or @SammyK@twitter.com will know if there's already something brewing.

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Working from home with kids without any interruptions for two hours should not be the opportunity of men only.

Two hours, without any interruptions.

Seems simple, isn't it?

Nope. That requires a total mindset shift and it's much harder than it sounds. Just check yourself.

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We are looking for new colleagues to grow our tribes. Looking for , , , , or developers, project managers, and ops people. Either for our offices in & or remote (similar timezone!) bit.ly/2VT2F2t

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"Removing master/slave won't end racism"

Don't think anyone claimed it would. You know what else won't end racism? Ignoring it as "nonsense". Cause it's everyday things that you may consider "nonsense" that fuels racism. If you've not been discriminated against, you won't get it

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That sounds like there is a lot of fun ahead!

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For scale: this looks like it'll impact several wildcard certificates from Globalsign and even the Dutch Government (NL)! 😱

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Thank you Mike!

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Master has always been a poor branch name. Why I think so? Read it in my blog post j.mp/3e5K9dl

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Question. If we created a free user group platform (no cost to organizers) to let you host your in-person and virtual events (with free meeting software), would that be something you would be interested in using for your user group?

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Erst bei der @phpugmrn@twitter.com und jetzt ist er bei uns @phpugdd@twitter.com. Am 14.07 hÀlt @WesolowskiRafal@twitter.com einen Talk zu Schichtenarchitektur (Multitier Architecture) in Symfony Projekten. Only online, only cool 😎

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