So we're doing Comference again this year. We're looking for companies to sponsor the event. Let me know if you know any companies that would like to sponsor an online conference focussing on the leas discussed topics surrounding web development!


As a product manager I'm always in meetings. The only time management trick that's worked to get uninterrupted time is to either block of entire days as no meeting days or block of the equivalent of an 8 hour workday in 3 - 4 hour chunks as focus time.

Nothing else works.


Don’t forget that it is Friday and you are allowed to stop doing what you are doing and take a break.


I'm so sick of blocking tech stacks again. Today: Dialing into a Windows machine via TeamViewer to access a Linux VM running there. And of course every now and then keyboard input is flakey. Makes debugging in the VM pure fun.... 😑

Nice. is a containerization like , but it's written in bash. Nice mention in's talk about containers.

Containers are a lie. Namespaces in diguise.

"Cloud computing is a multi layered lie."

You know that feeling!

You've fixed an issue in an app and the customer is still having issues.

And you can't reproduce it for the sake of it!

So finally you do a call with the customer to see what they do so you can finally reproduce it. So that you can then fix it!

Only to realize that they didn't use the fixed app in the first place ...


Enjoying the evening with cooking dinner and The Who (whooo are you...)

We just had to say goodby to one of our three ducks 😒

Don't use any of these tools. They will delay your work and their usage cost too much time. You'll drill, saw or hammer much earlier without them. They don't pay you for drawing artsy little X marks or lines with a pencil.

Craftspeople can learn so much from software devs.πŸ“‰

Here's a reminder that is still enriching and has a lot of classes.


Today, asks open source maintainers, and their users, to have empathy for each other.


My better half gifted me with an advent calendar. 😁

After all: she *is* the best!


For Cyber Monday, we’re offering PHP 8.0 for free! Go download it today!


Everybody loves to report the negative. We are all too happy to participate in an IDR to try and cancel someone. Too few of us take the time to just stop and tell someone about something good someone did.

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Folks, with 2020 being the year that it was, we're not seeing as many interested contributors this year. Therefore we're opening things up to previous contributors as well. If you'd like to submit a new article this year, please do get in touch.



Did I get this right? Because if so, folks, we have a problem here. And it's not the man maintaining a vital piece of the PHP ecosystem in his fucking free time deciding he's only going to support PHP versions under active maintenance.


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