We're having pizza from a wood fired oven. (no fruit was harmed in the preparation!) There are some burned patches on my wifes pizza.
She scratches them off.
Me and the kids watch her.
Her, apologeticaly: "One can get cancer from that..."

We all had a good laugh... 🤣

100% this. Composer revitalised PHP.

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@giyoomu@twitter.com @Pierstoval@twitter.com BS: PHP picked up loads of pace a decade ago, and it was because of composer.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Ocramius/status/15

A big welcome to the herd, Groundy!

And thank you, @siteground, for allowing the herd to take care!

I love float-operations!

They are especially great for money-related software!

Today was the day I for the first time bought something to give to one of the kids for the time when their mother has passed away...

That still hasn't fully hit yet...

One can think about Facebook whatever one wants.

But returning an IPv6 address that contains ":face:b00c:" to a DNS query for "facebook.com" is pretty nerdy and awesome. 😄

`dig AAAA facebook.com`

I've submitted some talk-ideas to ConFoo. If you'd like to see me in Montreal in February feel free to vote for the abstracts at confoo.ca/en/2023/call-for-pap

I am increasingly annoyed by websites that are unusable in firefox, have a non-existent UX on mobile-devices or don't allow me to use a default password with 36 characters (but want a "password reset question" 🤦)

How the f*cking hell shall I fill out an ESTA application form correctly when i can't even enter my hometown or my street as it contains "invalid characters"? These Umlauts are perfectly valid, you morons! 😡

The fun thing though is: I'm traveling to the US to give a talk about ... guess what... handling unicode characters! 🤣

Thanks to our discussion on twitter yesterday and @dgoosens work I was able to released version 1.0.0 of the Architectural Decision Record Attribute. See packagist.org/packages/stella-


How is it possible to get 15.000km onto a car within 6 years?

Thats... (calculates) ... 2500km a year. 200km a month. 7km a day.

I mean... I'm *walking* that...


You don't write code for your IDE.

array_merge() is just one example. Do you implement functionality of an interface where the method is called in a loop? Is the amount of data even big enough that a merge becomes an issue?

Being able to submit PRs from the middle of the sea with such a view is amazing. But requires some patience... Internet via Satelite wasn*t as slow at @WeCamp... OK, we might also have been a few people less than on this ferry 🙈

You are not really making it easy to leave, sweden!

Thanks for 3 amazing weeks filled with landscape, water, forests, berries, mushrooms, swimming, rainbows, history, and so! much! more!

I'm really excited to be part of the awesome lineup of LonghornPHP in November.

I'll tell you "How to tame a 🦄" and whether you asked the right question "When UTC is the answer ..."

We see it time and time again.

Company does a thing that breaks the law and makes them like $1billion

Gets fined $10million

Company: "Oh jeez, that's terrible. Let me dry my tears with this tissue made of money"

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No, I didn't know. But now I do. 😄

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Did you know @gitlab@twitter.com has test code coverage visualization inside the file diff view of your merge requests? Me neither😜
So I wrote a blog post about this and other features when using with @phpunit@twitter.com


🐦🔗: twitter.com/realFlowControl/st

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