I had to block some external instances on Masto.host shared hosting.

Here is why and how that can be reverted: masto.host/i-had-to-block-some

This was a tricky decision but couldn't think of a better solution.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know.

@ramsey @jmichaelward Nope, that screenshot was from the phpc.social web interface. No idea what the app ecosystem support for that feature is like, though; I have a 'Set caption' option in @Tusky (Android) if I tap the image, but I haven't used Tootdon.

@jmichaelward @ramsey They mean the bit where it says 'Describe for the visually impaired'. You can click on it and enter a description, which will show up as alt text.

@electricmaxxx @ramsey That's reasonable! In this case I meant "the instance where I have my primary account."

Home instance is down for scheduled maintenance soooooo sup

@ramsey @akrabat I use @crossposter to push (non-replies, non-retweets) from over here, and that's how the cross-poster deals with Twitter references. I don't use a client that links them intelligently (@Tusky on Android treats them as plain text).

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