This year I achieve 15 years of teaching Classes for Developers!

More than 2.000 Students!

So happy to see my tests from PHPRS' testfest being merged into the master branches. 😀 has published an open API allowing you to search for and see events for local PHP user groups around the world. They include data from a variety of sources (not just Meetup).

More details here:

PHP Conference Brazil - considered the main PHP event in Latin America - will have it's 14th edition on December 5-7.

We are finishing up the en-US version of our Sponsorship proposal so if you know a company that might be interested in supporting us please hit me @

And of course, any boosts will be greatly appreciated. 😀 🐘 ❤️

“According to Jenny Wong at WordCamp US, is committed to dropping 5 support by the end of 2019. She also says that the team could aim for a minimum of PHP 7.2 by the end of 2019.”

I’ve got some cool shortcodes for PHP frameworks and CMSes. Let me know if I’m missing your favorite framework or CMS, and I’ll try to add it.

:cakephp: :codeigniter: :drupal: :drupal8: :joomla: :laravel: :slimphp: :symfony: :typo3: :wordpress: :yii: :zend: :zendfw:

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