I do not understand that masdon?!? Can someone explainnit to me?

@ramsey not that part only. when having a look into the speaker bios of @FrOSConPHPTrack you will see that several of my speakers say "thank you" to you. /cc @heiglandreas

@Skoop i mean i am quite good in building software. But using other . .. 🙂

@electricmaxxx hah! Well, you just have your own timeline right? The local is on the instance you are on, the federated is the whole network of mastodon instances.

@electricmaxxx @Skoop Yeah, your local is everything posted on, and federated is AND everything posted by users that knows about in the rest of the world (#fediverse).

@Skoop argh, and no chance to edit afterwarts ... As in Twitter

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