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hello, i'm a developer living in ireland 🇮🇪 . decided to join this instance after looking for a smaller instance around a topic i'm interested. i joined mastodon in august as @ec_ho

using , learning ,
and , developing with and

nice to meet everyone!

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The Micro :pixelfed: UI is about 60% done!

Wouldn't it be awesome if this launched with federation on December 17th? #pixelfed

"Hiii" they said....................... "hi" i said help im introvert

I got a new chat from someone in my year who I've never talked to before should I open it

Add cws for discord please I'm sick of someone not warning about their nice blood related conversations

I have to use Firefox now to copy images because the default Linux Mint image viewer only copies the file URL instead of the actual contents for some weird reason.

I'll switch it soon but this is a lot of effort for something I have due for school tommorow.

Just letting everyone know: I'm probably going to be really inactive until Friday afternoon next week, then you'll see a really big burst of activity because it's Christmas and the end of my exams

As in they forgot to write the homework down, I'm not that cruel

I was trying to procrastinate but my phone shut down ;(

I was going to text my friend but I can't

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DELETING google pay now.
One step at a time.

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Some small bits if you didn't know:

To make sure no one can steal your data on old computers you just need to take out the storage drives

The RAM sticks can be salvageable

Those are the only things you can get out of an old laptop

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I lied, I did not sleep this night. Instead I watched critical role all night long.

Ew Monday and the end of my long weekend

Make an Instagram alt just so you can tag yourself and pretend you have friends

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