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Absolutely amazing that LMP2 car lost an entire wheel after a brake explosion, but kept going back to pit without riding on the brake rotor.

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Dear @washingtonpost

Children should be able to feel safe at school.

There are 4 classes racing, it would be great if @FIAWEC would showed all the standings in the graphics instead of just LMP2 and GTE AM

And the 63 ruins a tire. Hopefully the bodywork can be a quick fix.

Looking toward the Third Edition, what do you wish you knew about developing PHP apps and containers?
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Speed up your development with Docker. Get @dragonmantank’s book in digital or print

And they are off! Really interested in how the hypercars will do

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⏱️Hyperpole - LMGTE PRO☝️

🟢 #64 - @CorvetteRacing - 3:49.985

@NickTandyR secured the GT bragging rights tonight - leading a Corvette 1-2 to lock out the front row.


Tonight's game seems to be "is this drive dying or have I reached the point where HDDs are too darn slow?"

I had to downgrade 2 major versions to avoid concurrency issues during install, as well as to stop if from updating every single lock file in the monorepo. Making a 1 line change shouldn't also force every other project to update.

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"Desktop-class apps" on iPad

Just bring macOS to the iPad, you cowards.

Gaming in Apple brings us together... inside of a closed ecosystem that ignores existing industry standards.

Most depressing thing you can hear at an 8th grade graduation:

"These two kids' parents have their whole lives planned out for them."

First test run of my new Ur-Dragon deck went decent. I may have to swap out since cards to fix my mana curve, but once it gets going it hums. I cannot wait until the Baldurs Gate cards are released so I can make some better swaps.

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