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Current status: I don’t even know what is going on anymore. We had warm weather last week, 1.5” of snow on the ground this morning, and now this.

BASIC on a Color Computer 2
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What language did you write you first line of code in?

Building a library for an API without an OpenAPI spec is incredibly infuriating.

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My time is up at UFSC at the end of April so I am looking for a new challenge. Full-time remote from Canada, PHP preferred (can do Python), getting your team test-centric, modernizing your code and dev practices

My favorite part of playing a barbarian is hanging back and shooting my longbow each round.

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Does your PHP project need a dedicated chat channel for your users and community? You’re welcome to create a channel at

Our chat uses open source @RocketChat because we believe open source communities should stay open.

I've distilled 414N J4CK50N, my Warforge Bard in our next campaign, to the following quote:

"I only know how to play two types of songs; Ones about drinking and driving my work cart down dusty roads, and one about what I assume Human love is."

You know, I think it might be a security vulnerability of a website says "Log Out" but doesn't actually log you out. Just saying.

Next D&D Character: A warforged bard named Alan Jackson. He's a jukebox.

If you have to use an SDK for an API because of things like authentication (ie: hand rolling signed JWTs is possible but super annoying), do you care what the API underneath looks like? Or just what the SDK interface is?

Thanks for having me @nashvillephp! Had a great time talking to everyone after the talk. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ping! If you attended and would like to try out @VonageDev, let me know and I can hook you up with some credit.

I once had a vendor “demo” integrating with a 3rd party we needed. Based on the errors they had integrated a different 3rd party.

I asked them if they could use the one we needed, and they said they had no idea, they had never gotten it to work.

My boss immediately purchased.
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Every vendor I've ever worked with

The code will outlast many, many employees.
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Write fast crummy code to get to market, and we'll fix it later.

I've never seen anyone fix it later. Never. You are just sabotaging you future. In any event, crummy code makes you slower *now*. You have to deal with it as you're writing code *now*.

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It's my birthday, so I felt like sharing 🎉🎉🎉

New @reactphp HTTP release improves benchmarking performance by a massive 100%! Seeing ~22000 requests per second on my laptop 📈🔥

What numbers are you seeing? Enjoy! 🍻

The Bad Bunny/Priest vs Miz/Morrison match was one of the best matches of night one of . Way more fun and well done that I would guessed. He’s better than some of the wrestlers I see on TV normally.

Three days later I’ve got @home_assistant installed (not really because of HA, had a bunch of issues to figure out with my Proxmox setup).

Now I’ve got to find some good lights and plugs.

The fade outs/ins during @WWE PPV replays on @peacockTV is super annoying.

The whole migration to @peacockTV feels like such a downgrade.

Rewatching Wrestlemania 30 and I remember exactly what a live audience brings. Seeing @steveaustinBSR with the crowd eating out of his hand is just an amazing experience.

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