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Every time a man in tech is called out for bad behavior, he just has to wait for the dust to settle if there is even dust at all. Without apology or taking responsibility for his behavior, he casually reclaims his positions of power. Learning nothing, changing nothing is fine.

What scares you about git rebasing? What would make you feel more confident about using it?

With my poor C skills and a healthy dose of imposter syndrome, this has always been a dream of mine but one I’m sure I’ll never get the guts to follow through with. I’m grateful for all the past release managers, and any future ones.
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I forgot to talk about it last night on the stream, actually last couple streams, but this is your friendly reminder that PHP Internals are looking for interested parties to become the next release…

Anyone I know use an iPad Pro or Air 4 as a secondary laptop? Interested in light programming on it and as a travel companion, thinking of upgrading my OG iPad Pro

For the non "it's nearly midnight and I have a crazy idea" crowd
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I want to watch old WCW Nitro and talk about it, the post it on the internet. Any friends up for that? /cc @GeeH

I want to watch old WCW Nitro and talk about it, the post it on the internet. Any friends up for that? /cc @GeeH

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Semisonic - Feeling Strangely Fine // 1998

Got my vaccine. So far so good, no weird radio reception pickup from the microchip. Maybe it doesn’t activate until the second shot?

Most developers: "Why use Linux and put up with stuff not working all the time?"

Mac M1 developers: "This is revolutionary."

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Continuing my source code diving journey by looking at how Laravel uses `dragonmantank/cron-expression` package by @dragonmantank in Task Scheduling.


Interesting facts about this package at the bottom of blogpost.

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Artemis Consulting is hiring!
.NET Developer
Corporate Administrator (DC Metro)
Java Developer
Angular Developer
Application Administrator (Confluence/Jira)
Python Developer
Business Analyst
AWS Cloud Data Engineer
AWS Cloud Security Engineer

Loop Hero is an awesome little indie game. It’s a really nice combination of planning and idle gaming. And there is a demo. And your save game moves to the full version.

And now today I'm watching a friggin' live stream of astronauts working in space doing maintenance.


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14 years of shitposting, bad jokes, and some tech content. This is what technology is used for. The future is amazing.

Working with @RabbiGreenberg has been wonderful, and I know he’ll do great in his next role. He was a great asset to our Server SDK team.

It’s sad to see him go, not just because it means I have to do Ruby in the meantime...
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Wow, transitions are so hard.

2+ years ago I joined @NexmoDev/@VonageDev & shortly after joining met my colleagues for our 1st in Athens 🇬🇷.

This month I leave @Vonage to j…

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