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I really enjoy code reviews that ask questions about why you made choices that you did.

It's an opportunity to teach your reviewer something or to learn something new as the pull requestor (lol not sure what word I wanted to use there)

I don’t think this is going to work.

For me, not her. She’s not a very good typist.

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Hey friends — Just letting people know that I’m open to new work opportunities if the perfect fit is out there for me. (No, I’m not giving up on bringing events back in 2021 yet!) Detailed explanation here:

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It's been a while in coming, but today, the kind folks at @pluralsight released the fourth course that I created for them: Authentication and Authorization in PHP.

I deployed to production using sftp last night.

Don't @ me.

Happy birthday to @calevans ! Maybe one day I will get to see him again :P

The amount of effort it took to get her to lay there was staggering.

Couldn’t get a great angle, but for the first time both dogs and the cat are laying on the couch and not antagonizing each other.

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It's the last day of @DrupalConEur but the Drupal love doesn't have to end! 😍 Learn how to get set up with in this post by our developer advocate @dragonmantank and start integrating Vonage APIs in your project!

This is the first time I'm happy I got something at Gamestop, because I can return this. No lies.

I'm getting it for PC instead, but still, this is _bad_

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What's the payoff for waiting all day for this to install so I can play on the XBox?

Dithering and pop-in that I haven't seen since the PS1.

I wasn't even disappointed in No Man's Sky this quickly.

Hey online event peeps/platforms - test your stuff against pi-hole and ad blockers.

I know you want to provide your vendors deep rich analytics, but at the same time don't pretend people don't use ad blockers. Find alternate ways of capturing that data.

Hello ! If you missed our presentation on our new Drupal module, head over to our blog and see how it works! Don't forget to check out our stand at the Virtual Exhibition!

The want to just stay in Windows so I can play Cyberpunk on PC is strong ...

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Why did stay relevant all these years?
✅ We worked on things that mattered to end users.
✅ We were never afraid to embrace new tech.
✅ We made it easy for end users to adopt.


Thank you to everyone who attended the demo at . If you've got any other questions about @VonageDev APIs or how we can work with Drupal, stop by the booth!

Good afternoon/morning ! I'll be giving a quick demo of using the @VonageDev Voice API in about 30 minutes and would love to see you there!

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