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Playing WoD, and joked that we were looking for vampire information using dead protocols.

I've now installed a gopher client and have been browsing gopher for 30 minutes.

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@garakkio @symfony @digitalocean We've got a few meaningful issues for folks wanting to participate, make a difference, earn a t-shirt...and Vonage socks. We 💕 the community (lots of blog posts using Symfony CC: @Greg__Holmes )

Details 👉

This is most of my day

(Watch for more examples of my wonderful programming abilities and sage advice)

Going live in about 5 minutes to play around with the @VonageDev Conversations API as part of !

On battery loss and subsequent plugging in:

Windows: Hey, checking your HD to be safe
Linux: Hey, checking your HD to be safe
Mac: *no response* ... *blink low battery* ... *no response* ... *no response* ... *wait 20 minutes* ... *no response* ... OK, booting now.

All while pretending to be a good programmer, to boot!
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🎉 Daily Stream

Join @dragonmantank, developer advocate, as he shows off some Beta ! He'll also highlight contributions, provide advice & answer your questions!

⏰ 17:00 LON / 12:00 NYC / 09:00 SF

While I do what I should have done a long time ago .... is there a way in puppet to download and run a script as a user? Want to automate my pyenv/phpenv/rvm/nvm installs, but also don't want to store off those install scripts

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Join me for a Free 5 Day Work From Home Parenting Challenge!

I will be sharing all of the training via email and Facebook October 5-9. There will be videos as well as worksheets each day.

Tonight I found out one of my front USB ports will reboot my PC if it draws too much power.

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🌟Are you a Larabelle? Or do you know one?🌟

I'd like to start featuring Larabelles in the Larabelles newsletter as well as on our website.

Please get in touch! Let's let the world know about us and our work 💪.

RT for attention and reach 🙏

After roughly 24 hours with the @LogitechG G915 keyboard, I have to say it is one of the best keyboards I've had.

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Event organisers! is fast approaching and this year most events will be online. If you’ve never run an online event before and need some advice, we got you. DM us if you need help!


Switching to a new keyboard is a weird experience. Got a G915, and I really like the switches, but I'm having a hell of a time finding the home row without looking.

Once I find it it's a super smooth experience though.


Though honestly that has more to do with a massively supportive community that opened their arms to help me grow than the language itself.

But I still love PHP and am grateful for it.
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Name one technology that radically changed your career🚀

I start: @reactjs ⚛️

One of the biggest things my kids are learning this year as part of homeschooling is gaming the system, as arbitrary limits imposed by crappy educational platforms do nothing but restrict students.

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