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It’s time for my nightly retreat into video games. Lately it has been playing American Truck Simulator while I listen to podcasts.

Because being a pretend long-haul trucker feels more like real life than actual real life.

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Want to learn how to build your own GitHub Actions?

I've got a step by step guide for you!

It covers what an action is, how to build them with Bash and Node, write unit tests and test workflows locally

Get it at the preorder price for the next 24h

Installed the Pop Shell GNOME extension, didn't really like it ... anyone know how to re-enable the old SUPER+[direction] shortcut for window snapping? It's been broken ever since I installed the extension.

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One week until the biggest conference in Europe!!
Guess who's gonna be there? @cotufa82 🤩

Diana will be sharing an project to help Diabetes monitoring using @Vonage 💕

🎟️ Full lineup:

School will resume basically as normal this year. "Face Masks Recommended." No attempts at social distancing, staggered schedules, anything. But recess will be restricted "to reduce contact."

Stop putting students and teachers at risk Ohio.

For years I’ve lauded the work MS has done for the PHP community, between sponsoring events, servers, and treating PHP like a first class language.

This move is really disappointing. Forcing WSL2 for production PHP seems like a bad move. I’d love to hear the reasoning.
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Did the @Microsoft team just tell everyone to use WSL2 and stop supporting PHP on @Windows?

Thank you @EricMann and @manchuck for coming on @VonageDev’s “The Late Night Build” today.

And congrats to @EricMann for winning the hackathon!

OMG, Skype, stop notifying me of messages _I_ sent in chat when I tab in and out of the window

We're live!
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📣The Late Night Build returns tonight!

🎙 @baldbeardbuild hosts our variety show w/ contests, prizes, musical guests, live & more!

🌟Special guest @jenlooper
🎶 Musical guest @EarthAbigail
👩‍🏫Demo @cotufa82


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Oh wow! Friday, at 4pm ET, join me for The Late Night Build on @Twitch with special guest @jenlooper, musical guest @EarthAbigail, a code demo by @cotufa82 and a little bit of magic. No really, there will be magic. 🪄

Plus a sweet hack-a-thon for prizes!

Just saw the guest list for tomorrow's "Late Night Build". It's gonna be good!

Also, I feel I need to step up the hackathon after seeing the contestants.......

PHP Devs (and anyone else) Don't forget that tomorrow I'll be hosting the hackathon on our "Late Night Build" stream tomorrow over at (4pm eastern)

If you want to ever be a part of one (we have prizes!), sign up below!

Hey, ass who is vaping in the store:

Thanks. It’s people like you that keep the virus numbers climbing.

At least my kid got a good understanding of air flow and how fast sickness can spread through the air.

Oh, and fuck you.

This Friday I'm helping with the hackathon on @VonageDev's "Late Night Build". Want to see what you can build in around and hour and win prizes? Fill out the Google Form and sign up!

If you do PHP, you can get a sneak peak out our new SDK!

My niece is watching a 30yo Youtuber play with dolls.

This is... legit creepy.

2 hours of work time lost because my machine was _slightly_ behind on time, but enough drift existed between my computer and Vonage to invalidate my JWTs.

Computers are fun.

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