Heading home. Thanks for the awesome conference , and to all the sponsors and volunteers. It was great to meet new and old friends, and the talks were informative as always.

All my devices know I'm leaving, so everything is currently in "You have an important update to install" mode

Looking forward to @LonghornPHP this weekend. First in person conference since the world locked down. I can’t wait to see so many friends.

Come see me at the @OSMHhelp booth or my talk on hit Saturday!

What's nice is that it took me longer to download and make the USB drive to re-install Ubuntu than it did to fix it (remounting my /home) and run Puppet to reinstall everything.
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Guess who just deleted their system partition?

@ryan Funny thing was I did it by accident in Windows Disk Management. Had I been in Linux (or even diskpart probably) it wouldn’t have happened.

This is your reminder that testing (unit or behavioral) and static analysis (phpstan or psalm) are worth the time to put into place and automate.

Even if it doesn't start out all green, you can work your way there as you refactor code.

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When rich people can’t get everything they want at Whole Foods instantly it’s called “supply chain issues” but when the working class people in Flint can’t take a shower for five years it’s an “unfortunate reality”

I don’t know why I keep getting Chipotle. It’s just disappointment in a paper bag every time.

Any tips on getting Sidecar to work? Same wifi network, have logged out/back into Apple IDs, bluetooth on, MBP and iPad are like 3’ apart… MBP refuses to see the iPad as a display.

Got around to upgrading my iPad, and decided to see if I could do the whole macOS ecosystem for a week (short of gaming).

It immediately started with “Haha, your battery isn’t charging” and just slowly drained. Had to let the laptop sit overnight, off, to fully charge.

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Today's the day - get your tickets now before prices go up tomorrow! We're excited to see everyone in just a few weeks.

longhornphp.com twitter.com/LonghornPHP/status

In what I’m sure is a massive rabbit hole, does anyone know how to load custom Beat Saber songs onto an Oculus Quest 2? BMBF seems to install, but BS itself then just hangs.

No stream tonight, but planning on something for Monday. Want to work on a couple of other things for the stream and some other side projects.

Have a good evening everyone!

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