*watching e-mail security training*

"Don't forward chain letters!"

But then I'll be cursed!

Coffee lovers:

We just got a french press, and the coffee from the local shop is less than stellar. What's a good place to source coffee beans or grounds?

In true Apple fashion, they made a credit card that looks wonderful.

In true Apple fashion, it fails at the basic ability to be easily stored. You cannot put that card in your pants or wallet. It will scratch and discolor.

I'm not even mad, just kinda impressed.

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UnderMine is out now! Head on over to Steam for your copy! It will be 10% off for the first week. See you in the mines peasant!


it me.
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Me, a genius: “After six hours of debugging, can you tell me why this code doesn’t work?”

Patient coworker - “You are missing a set of brackets”


I found how to make Confluence work this week - leave the developer tools open. That scares it into working, because now I can debug the problem.

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Our latest is now Live!

Software developer Dotun Jolaso shows how to use Nexmo APIs to alert members of an engineering team whenever an incident occurs with @pagerduty@twitter.com and or @WhatsApp@twitter.com. bit.ly/33OKSvo

This is why I love giving my "Brief History of Open Source" talk. Explaining to people where we came from (especially the 50s-70s) puts so much in perspective.
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@dragonmantank A lot of folks either forgot or grew up after OS started. There was a time you bought your Operating system, compilers, tools and hardware from one vendor. It was nearly impossible to change vendors as interoperability was nil. And vendors of…

Like what does this mean? Major corps use the same licenses a 1 person project does. How does MS releasing a GPL product affect me more than Alice's project? Or whether Amazon uses MIT or whatever.

The more I take this survey, the more I feel like it's missing the point of OSS. OSS is not a product that fits a single mold, or even has to run like a commercial vendor. "How quickly should bugs be fixed by the maintainer" is an inappropriate question.
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*looks back at the last 50 years of software development that hinged on the ideals and innovations of open source*

This Open Source thing is probab…

*looks back at the last 50 years of software development that hinged on the ideals and innovations of open source*

This Open Source thing is probably gonna be dead in a year.

I love it when Confluence just decides, "You know what, here's a bunch of blank white pages for 5 minutes. We know you don't have anything important to do."

If nothing else, it helps speakers schedule things out. Knowing they aren't going to be at an event can help open up their calendar for other (professional|personal) things
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If you are running a conference tell speakers they aren't selected, It seriously isn't too hard to respect people enough for taking the time to submit.

"We have breaking news! There was a deadly crash at 2pm..."

It's now 5:30pm. Not sure it's really breaking at this point.

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We are proud to officially announce the approval of PSR-12 (Extended Coding Style Guide) recommendation.


.@NexmoDev@twitter.com went on an awesome tour of the ship simulator at the Maritime Conference Center. Thank you @MidDevCon@twitter.com /cc @kellyjandrews@twitter.com

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If you are @MidDevCon@twitter.com today, stop by and say hello to @kellyjandrews@twitter.com and @dragonmantank@twitter.com and grab some swag!

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