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Today is my last day with @SaberAstro I am moving on to be a Sr Javascript Advocate with @VonageDev

This means that @dragonmantank and I will be working together again (this time, it will not be in an abandoned warehouse)

Now is a good time to refactor this, my brain said.

It'll be fine, this API is easy, my brain said.

Shut up brain.

TIL npm will happily leave incompatible versions of a package installed with no warnings, and will give a small warning when node versions are incompatible only when `node_modules/` is nuked.

But it won't stop installation.

Thanks npm. I love this ecosystem.

I started to play Eve Online.

This is my life now I guess.

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The referee is entitled to one discretionary guitar shot, you can check it it's in the rules

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Nerds: "OMG GitHub Copilot is going to add copywritten code to your codebase"

GitHub: HMB

(this is my first Copilot suggestion after me typing "//"):

I feel like I wasted more time when I worked in an office. So you can have me waste an hour at home, or more when I'm trapped.

Also did we not waste time on emails, voice-mail, and project management stuff even when in the office?

Getting tired of these attacks on WFH.

I don't endorse RMS.

But I do use Arch, btw.

(I don't. I use Fedora.)

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Anyone run into an issue with @lernajs where running something like `npm build` by itself works fine, but `npm version` blows up during the build process because it can't find dependencies from the monorepo?

Worked fine until today, no idea why it broke.

Hey everyone, go follow @max_does_tech because he doesn't think he's popular enough. Especially if you like programming, Python, Vonage, or other things.

Or at least the first two. But you should like @VonageDev. Maybe follow them too if you aren't.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this programming thing.

Probably not though.

I feel like it's my duty that if I take my family to Chicago I also have to take them to Shoeless Joe's, just to remember all the good times I had at

OK, I feel like I'm on crazy pills. I was doing this in like 2008 via AJAX calls in jQuery. This was also like "the way" to do reactive layouts in like Drupal 6.

We stopped because returning JSON became the new hotness.

Developers forget history faster than we build things.
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1/ Hotwire is the new React

I remember when React was the new kid on the block, but I think the JS fatigue is real, and everyone needs a brea…

There, did something today. I shipped code. _AND_ completed a training.

I can be done now, right?

Can't say I disagree, because I don't think FOSS should ever move toward centralization. GitHub has it's merits, but I have felt that alternatives get lost along the way just because no one can spend as much as GH/MS can on developer mindshare


All of this.

We're all people and adults, act like it. You attract and keep users by having a good product, not by crapping on competitors or being sneaky.
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We're back to in-person conferences again, family, and you may find yourself at a conference with 'competitor' companies, either in a nearby booth or just roaming the halls.

Here's a refresher course on how to behave since it's been a while!


I fee like the solution that I came up with for a problem is technically correct, but abhorrently wrong.

But it's JavaScript so...

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