*scrambles around for a demo*
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The most exciting show on returns tonight!

The Late Night Build w/ @baldbeardbuild🎙

🌟 special guest @paulienuh
🎩 magic by @kellyjandrews
🎤 demo by @dragonmantank
🚀 + more!

⏰21:00 LON / 16:00 NYC / 13:00 SF
📺 twitch.tv/vonagedevs

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I have now opened up the call for papers for @BabbleTechConf 🎉

Speaker slots are limited, so if interested please make sure you drop your submission in!


And as any good campaign goes, multiple murders and backstabbing has been suggested as solutions to problems.

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Had to make a potion using items from our real world.

A cat and a turtle were sacrificed without any hesitation for their abilities.

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5 minutes into this RPG team building gaming and we're yeeting NPCs across chasms to use as rope anchors.

Docker - write once, debug small fixes for every other platform.

Do you use @VonageDev APIs? Want to play with things before they are released or help provide more direct feedback?

Check out our Vonage Voyager program! Ping me or visit developer.nexmo.com/voyagers

Current teambuilding status:

Arguing over the definition of "dance move" as we try to get points in a trivia challenge

I want to buy new pots and pans (other than my cast iron pans). I’m tired of skimping on this.

I kinda want carbon steel, but honestly not sure. Definitely don’t want enamel, the set we have now hasn’t even lasted a year.


Anyone know how to restore SUPER+arrow tiling in Pop_OS ? I disabled Pop Shell's tiling because of issues, but now have lost even basic gnome tiling.

Really kind of mad that a clearly beta product mucks the experience this badly.

Under communism we will abolish the constitution of our country

Wait a sec...
Type “under communism we will abolish” and let autocorrect finish it for you

Open Source Software is empowering.

Editing 4K video in KDEnlive, screen recording in OBS, audio cleaning using Audacity, and monitoring an iPhone camera using UxPlay (though first I used DroidCam + Vysor with an Android, with Vysor being the non-OSS part).

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Help me find and follow all amazing Laravel developers that could benefit from or contribute to Larabelles!

I've started going through Twitter, but the word of mouth is the best! And I don't want to miss anyone!

Thank you 🙏🏼

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I reviewed a lot of PHP today, and it was pretty great. When it's written by someone who actually knows what they're doing (i.e. not me) it's really a pleasure to read. 😂

I am ridiculously happy with a video project I made at work.

I don’t know if anyone else is yet, but I am.

Watching a stream and they are trying to push a small bit of code to a PaaS. We're about 15 minutes into just trying to get the CLI to work.

This is _so much better_ than just deploying code to a server.

I rebuilt JAMStack but with PHP functions.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

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I'm hosting a show for @VonageDev on @Twitch called The Late Night Build. I really want to include diverse guests to discuss soft skills, D/I, switching careers, gatekeeping, etc. Who should I put at the top of my list to reach out to?

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Wanna learn how to do some 🆒 things with OpenAPI and webhooks?🆗 Join our live stream on Twitch tomorrow (Thurs 7/30) at 6pmUTC with Postman Lead Twitcher @arlemi and our brilliant guest, @lornajane from @NexmoDev: twitch.tv/getpostman/about

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