The fade outs/ins during @WWE PPV replays on @peacockTV is super annoying.

The whole migration to @peacockTV feels like such a downgrade.

Rewatching Wrestlemania 30 and I remember exactly what a live audience brings. Seeing @steveaustinBSR with the crowd eating out of his hand is just an amazing experience.

I worked with him once. ONCE.

Honestly I’d do it again.
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Any one want to work with me? We are hiring

Don't worry about the location, 100% remote is totally fine (In fact my whole team is remote)

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Started a new job and hiring multiple PHP/WordPress engineer positions. Reach out if you have any questions.

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Just a quick note that the Twitter account for @good_forms, the newest hotness from my company, is live. GoodForms offers unlimited form-based email verifications for just $10/month!

This has been a long project in the making and we're really proud of it

"Act II - The Father of Death" by @Protomen has become one of my favorite albums.

I just want to buy a physical copy of Monster Hunter Rise, why can't I get it shipped immediately from any vendor?!

I wouldn’t want to work for any comp at that shits on a language in the job description.

It’s fine if you want a Python or Ruby or Java dev, but don’t denigrate someone else’s experience just because you hate a language for some reason.
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Gotta make sure I get my username whenever possible. Though I don't know why anyone would want this username but me.

New secret project is going well. I’ll be excited once I get more done and get some feedback.

Show me a language where there is no poorly written software, and I’ll know you are a big liar.
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"PHP, on the other hand, is infamous for badly written software." And it "lures developers into a trap."

Please put these tired arguments in a bin.

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TFW @dragonmantank tells you to squash down the 60 commits you needed to build a GitHub action you'd been working on all day. No Glorious GitHub skyline :(. All for petty things like a "clean history" pfft!

.@DragonBe convinced me to submit to conferences. @e3BethT got me to write my first article. @auroraeosrose , @calevans, and others welcomed me into the best programming community ever.

There are so many others in the @phpc I can’t list.
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Who helped change your tech career for the better?

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