First full test print in the back from the Ender 3. I can definitely tell a difference in this PLA I picked up today, it's a bit stringy. Maybe it's the color, but also feels like I can see some of the layers more. Not gaps, just more noticeable.

Well, that's done now. And turns out the craft store in town carries filament, so I get to test more things!

@heiglandreas I’ve gone through similar with my cron library, just not to the same extent. People don’t like to be told you won’t do something.

Early 90's with a Color Computer 2, and some of the magazines with BASIC programs in them. No tape recorder and a flaky cartridge slot meant I got real familiar with typing in programs.
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How did you get started?

Super impressed with the quality of the Ender 3. It’s just too bad I ran out of the test filament.

And apparently I picked the dog demo.

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Sculpin is currently having some small issues with PHP 8, but we hope to have this resolved shortly in a 3.1 release. This release will also be dropping support for PHP 7.2, which reaches end-of-life on Monday.

Thanks for ruining my Christmas surprise @amazon

Current status: trying to figure out exactly what to set `maxfiles` to in macOS to allow me to run phpunit correctly. Apparently even a ridiculous number like 100k isn't enough...

If you go do a contest at a conference, and the challenge isn’t in tune with the conference (say you attend a PHP conference and it’s a JS challenge), do you still do it?

@heiglandreas @Skoop Or Chicago deep-dish pizza, which is basically a cheese casserole. And many times it’s amazing.

Now I want a meat lovers from Giordano’s.

I might have published the @VonageDev PHP SDK v2.7.0 today with PHP 8 support.

Who am I kidding, I totally did.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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