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🚨Vonage PHP SDK new release: v3.0

Our new PHP advocate @SecondeJ has picked up right where @dragonmantank left off: simplifying the library. Changes include PHP version support, branching strategies, removal of array access, and much more!


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It's my birthday, so I felt like sharing 🎉🎉🎉

New @reactphp HTTP release improves benchmarking performance by a massive 100%! Seeing ~22000 requests per second on my laptop 📈🔥


What numbers are you seeing? Enjoy! 🍻

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Continuing my source code diving journey by looking at how Laravel uses `dragonmantank/cron-expression` package by @dragonmantank in Task Scheduling.


Interesting facts about this package at the bottom of blogpost.


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Well folks, I am now back on the market. Looking for a position in tech leadership. I like building things and teaching, and frankly I'm pretty damned good at both. Senior architect, VP Eng, VP Product, etc. Maybe another DevRel if right fit. FOSS-friendly a must.

If you want to learn how to easily integrate Vonage into your app, come join @LaraconEU !
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Less than one week until @LaraconEU, our advocate Chris (@dragonmantank) will be running workshops! Also amazing talks and more by:
🌟 @driesvints
⭐️ @ktrajchevska
⭐️ @LiamHammett
⭐️ @krystalcampioni

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It's the last day of @DrupalConEur but the Drupal love doesn't have to end! 😍 Learn how to get set up with in this post by our developer advocate @dragonmantank and start integrating Vonage APIs in your project!


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Laravel Nexmo Notification Channel v2.5.0 is now released with PHP 8 support 🥳


Thanks to @dragonmantank & @lcobucci in helping out here! 👏

I’ll be around the booth after lunch and throughout the afternoon both days! Come chat !
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Tomorrow catch up with our developer advocate @dragonmantank at @symfony_live, 2 days of Symfony, , PHP, and coding fun! nexmo.dev/3l8rHnI

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Less than 2 weeks until @DrupalConEur! Join our Developer Advocate @dragonmantank at this 4 day event full of lectures, workshops, and a talk by Drupal founder @Dries 🤩

🎟 Registration is open: nexmo.dev/375z8r3

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@garakkio @symfony @digitalocean We've got a few meaningful issues for folks wanting to participate, make a difference, earn a t-shirt...and Vonage socks. We 💕 the community (lots of blog posts using Symfony CC: @Greg__Holmes )

Details 👉 nexmo.dev/3iuREgZ

All while pretending to be a good programmer, to boot!
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🎉 Daily Stream

Join @dragonmantank, developer advocate, as he shows off some Beta ! He'll also highlight contributions, provide advice & answer your questions!

⏰ 17:00 LON / 12:00 NYC / 09:00 SF
📺 twitch.tv/vonagedevs

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Would someone be up for giving a talk about the upcoming 8 changes both what we’re gaining but also what we’re losing?

It would be in the second Tuesday of the month for @wp_hooked ?

Ton of great content at @LaraconOnline , including a mediocre ad created by yours truly.
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We've got 15 @LaraconOnline tickets to giveaway!

Reply or send us a DM by this Thursday 18:00 BST/ 13:00 ET to let us know why you want the ticket, so many good reasons! We'll randomly pick and contact winners by end of day on the 21st.


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I'm SUPER excited to announce that "Mezzio: Getting Started", my new course for @pluralsight is now LIVE! If you're keen to get started with the latest version of the best development framework (IMHO), then this course is for you! You can find it at pluralsight.com/courses/mezzio

For years I’ve lauded the work MS has done for the PHP community, between sponsoring events, servers, and treating PHP like a first class language.

This move is really disappointing. Forcing WSL2 for production PHP seems like a bad move. I’d love to hear the reasoning.
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Did the @Microsoft team just tell everyone to use WSL2 and stop supporting PHP on @Windows? externals.io/message/110907

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Today on Drop-In, @lornajane will be joined by @dragonmantank

Chris is an experienced developer + . Ask about Zend, , , , or other PHP

⏰15:00 LON / 10:00 NYC / 07:00 SF
📺 nexmo.dev/3c27DiM

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