T-shirts are running out, but thanks to our friend @cr0wst@twitter.com we have a mascot for the day!

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Mando, I'm going out in a blaze of glory. @jonbonjovi@twitter.activitypub.actor

I don't know why I stick with Google at this point sometimes.

I'm using an app that uses a recent version of Chromium under the hood, and Google still pulls this crap.

Best part? Works perfectly fine with my non-G-Suite account.

OK, first pass of a @phpunit DB extension works backed with phinx to run the migrations.

Still kind of ugly, but it works. Configured via phpunit.xml, uses phinx.yml to pull values, and DB is flushed seeded each test.

Now for more assertions and back-ends.

Current status:

Writing a presentation for work on The Undertaker.

I'll be talking about optimization and well as async PHP! There are a ton of other great talks too.
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You’ve been waiting for it - and now it’s here. Checkout the incredible lineup of speakers and talks for Midwest PHP 2020 @ midwestphp.org/schedule

Current status (or at least what it feels like doing this refactor):

All I want to do is edit a Confluence page. That's it.

No, my internet isn't down. It has never been down while trying to edit things.

There's no reason this software should break, daily, for no good reason.

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The two sides of

⚒️Enabling with Tools
🏗️Building Products
📜Writing Docs
🙊Public Speaking

🔌Connecting with devs
👩‍🔧Community building
🎥Inspiring through videos or marketing

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Guess I will just have to upgrade to a new phone from my Pixel 3 XL

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BREAKING: ACA open enrollment ends December 15, and due to Trump’s efforts, only 5% of the uninsured know this is the deadline.

Please consider sharing. Everything you need to know.

My favorite part of The Outer Worlds was finding all the cannibals.
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Episode 27 is out! @GeeH
and @dragonmantank
talk about The Outer Worlds and how they always wanted to become a Sub Sous Chef and be flash frozen.

Check it out out on YouTube or wherever you listen to podcasts!



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I am looking for speakers for the @MySQL@twitter.com track at @SELinuxFest@twitter.com next March in Pasadena, CA! Especially first timers! elephantdolphin.blogspot.com/2 and can help with your proposal!

You've listened to the best, now listen to the rest
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We recorded a thing. It should be dropping in a few days!

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Nexmo Developer Advocate @pardel@twitter.com talking about webhooks and how to use them.

Looking forward to all the awesome speakers!

And @omnicolor@twitter.com.

(Just kidding, he's pretty awesome too).
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Speakers for have been posted to the sit@omnicolor@twitter.com//2020.sunshinephp.com/speakers

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