Well, that's done now. And turns out the craft store in town carries filament, so I get to test more things!

Super impressed with the quality of the Ender 3. It’s just too bad I ran out of the test filament.

And apparently I picked the dog demo.

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Live - The Distance to Here // 1999

"The Dolphin's Cry" made me fall in love with this album, and it was my introduction to Live. "Sun" and "Run to the Water" are a close second.

Bravo Facebook. You’ve found a way to sell ad space IN THE FRIEND SUGGESTIONS.

MS: We’re just gonna collect telemetry on you silently for... reasons

Tech: *Outrage*

Apple: Sorry, our servers that check all the software you run had problems and basically broke your computer

Tech: It sure sucked I couldn’t work today

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Powerman 5000 - Tonight the Stars Revolt! // 1999

Achievement unlocked - kitten actually played with the play set.

The new hire decided her office wasn’t good enough, so refuses to stay there. And she’s taking very early lunch breaks.

This is being noted in her probation notes.

Other employees are doing well, for the most part.

We have a new hire at the office, literally hired off the street.

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