*scrambles around for a demo*
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The most exciting show on returns tonight!

The Late Night Build w/ @baldbeardbuild🎙

🌟 special guest @paulienuh
🎩 magic by @kellyjandrews
🎤 demo by @dragonmantank
🚀 + more!

⏰21:00 LON / 16:00 NYC / 13:00 SF
📺 twitch.tv/vonagedevs

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I reviewed a lot of PHP today, and it was pretty great. When it's written by someone who actually knows what they're doing (i.e. not me) it's really a pleasure to read. 😂

I am ridiculously happy with a video project I made at work.

I don’t know if anyone else is yet, but I am.

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Wanna learn how to do some 🆒 things with OpenAPI and webhooks?🆗 Join our live stream on Twitch tomorrow (Thurs 7/30) at 6pmUTC with Postman Lead Twitcher @arlemi and our brilliant guest, @lornajane from @NexmoDev: twitch.tv/getpostman/about

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I'm SUPER excited to announce that "Mezzio: Getting Started", my new course for @pluralsight is now LIVE! If you're keen to get started with the latest version of the best development framework (IMHO), then this course is for you! You can find it at pluralsight.com/courses/mezzio

I did very important things over the weekend.

Like skin my XFCE install to classic MacOS, then BeOS.

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👩‍🚀 Your mission shall you choose to accept it:

Embark on a journey of exploration and get access to pre-release products, learn from API experts, improve your technical communication skills, and support your peers.

Full mission details:

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Want to learn how to build your own GitHub Actions?

I've got a step by step guide for you!

It covers what an action is, how to build them with Bash and Node, write unit tests and test workflows locally

Get it at the preorder price for the next 24h


For years I’ve lauded the work MS has done for the PHP community, between sponsoring events, servers, and treating PHP like a first class language.

This move is really disappointing. Forcing WSL2 for production PHP seems like a bad move. I’d love to hear the reasoning.
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Did the @Microsoft team just tell everyone to use WSL2 and stop supporting PHP on @Windows? externals.io/message/110907

We're live!
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📣The Late Night Build returns tonight!

🎙 @baldbeardbuild hosts our variety show w/ contests, prizes, musical guests, live & more!

🌟Special guest @jenlooper
🎶 Musical guest @EarthAbigail
👩‍🏫Demo @cotufa82

📺 twitch.tv/vonagedevs


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Today on Drop-In, @lornajane will be joined by @dragonmantank

Chris is an experienced developer + . Ask about Zend, , , , or other PHP

⏰15:00 LON / 10:00 NYC / 07:00 SF
📺 nexmo.dev/3c27DiM

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In support of we have suspended today.

Developer Drop-In is back tomorrow with @lornajane & @dragonmantank. They'll answer your questions about Vonage + , , or anything !

Slight schedule change, you’ll have to wait until Thursday to see me bungling around.
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In solidarity with Developer Drop-In will no longer air tomorrow, Wednesday.

You can still catch Developer Drop-In with @lornajane & @dragonmantank this Thursday at 15:00 LON / 10:00 NYC / 07:00 SF

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Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of the church used for today’s photo op, slams Trump for exploiting the church “as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our churches stand for.”

History will remember the night the president cowered in the dark as his country burned for justice.

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If you were in attendance at any of the protests in Columbus, Ohio and have evidence of police using excessive force (including your eyewitness account), please light ‘em up.

It was in this thread we found out that the president doesn't understand how free speech works.

I love talking about @OpenApiSpec

Slides are available at slideshare.net/ctankersley/dea for anyone interested!
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The next talk will be Chris Tankersley!

@dragonmantank is our PHP Developer Advocate specialist. He loves table top and video games. He is a member of the @phpfig standards group, and co-hosts a gaming podcast called @JerksTalkGames

🎟️ nexmo.dev/3c9QCUk

If you love YAML, you'll love this talk because I write a bunch of it.

If you have YAML, you'll love this talk because I show you how to avoid writing it.

You also get an API at the end, which you can use any language for, but YAML! YAY!
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So you want to build an ? Awesome, but how?

@dragonmantank will show you how @OpenApiSpec tooling makes it easy to design, describe, and help build an API in many different lang…

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