Almost all of my work nowadays is done via bare metal. Distro maintainers for PHP allow me to easily switch versions, and the PHP dev server handles almost everything else.

Docker is basically regulated to databases or non-web services I need to run.
RT @Beryllium9
I enjoy writing web apps locally, with no need for Docker. Just me, apache (yes, apache) and PHP (yes, PHP).

One day maybe I'll get nginx+phpfpm working the way I want.…

@dragonmantank The "container culture" wave was completely lost on me. I have no idea how to use Docker or similar tools. I don't think my career is suffering for it, at least not yet.

@Albright don’t get me wrong, containers have their place - things like flatpak and AppImage make cross-distro applications much easier. But containers are much more a fix for deployment problems, not necessarily a catchall for app development.

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