In about half an hour, UK #ISS pass, starting at 22:22:18, duration 335 secs, bright, Magnitude -2.3

@torresjrjr @hare I'll give a read. It seems that you've already done some of the TZIF parsing yourself? That was quite a hairy (pun intended) thing to do, especially with the new POSIX strings that they're now using for DST transitions for the current (last) ruleset.

@torresjrjr I wrote a reasonable one, which implements plenty of things, and is used by PHP and MongoDB (at least): — feel free to reach out via email if you want to chat (address can be cryptically found at

The life of a programmer... You get some new fancy Logitech Litra Glow lights for Zoom/recording stuff (, and then you found out it's Windows/OSX only. Luckily, somebody had reversed engineered the protocol into python ( which you then rewrite into Go so you can control it from your own control software for the proprietary Elgato Stream Deck:

@saramg @cyberspice Eggshells are permeable to oxygen if the inner membrane is removed (, and with helium being a smaller molecule, I reckon it would also just pass out of the shell, meaning it can't float in the air for long.

@ramsey if you want to do a pairing session, then I can probably do that

@ramsey if it's a work thing... I've some availability ;-)

@ramsey Dutch is the closest language to English ;-) Just remember that English has all the vowel sounds wrong (compared to other Germanic/Romance languages).

@ramsey You'll have to write a wrapper in C++, which you can call from C through an "extern "C"" header.

@heiglandreas Walking is good for you ;-) And 10km only takes 100 minutes at most.

Trump, Truth Social, and federation 

@ramsey I vote for: Block.

@ramsey that's a made up language that none of my translation services understand.

Felly .... fy nghynllun i yw ysgrifennu llai o Saesneg a mwy o ieithoedd eraill yma.

@saramg I've been hosting my own (and family's) mail and website(s) for decades. Never gone for the Google stuff and I'm now being smug about it.

Mastodon is like Twitter when it was just us techies and geeks.

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