I wrote up one of my @PADI@twitter.com instructor friends this weekend.

I sent an email directly to her Course Director (boss).

Not because she did something wrong, but because she did something so very right that I felt it was necessary to say something.

Sometimes things an instructor handles a situation in class so professionally and seamlessly that the students never know anything bad could have happened.

This was one of those times.

Something bad almost did happen...3 times...and each time she dealt with the situation safely and professionally.

There was no doubt in my mind that her every thought was for the safety of her students.

Since there was nobody else around to appreciate exactly what happened...and what could have happened if she had not handled it so well. I thought I should tell someone.


Everybody loves to report the negative. We are all too happy to participate in an IDR to try and cancel someone. Too few of us take the time to just stop and tell someone about something good someone did.

I hope than when I am an @PADI@twitter.com certified instructor, I am as professional as she was.

Sadly, @PADI@twitter.com has a form for EVERYTHING except "Good job". :(

So I wrote an email instead. :)

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