“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

— Muhammad Ali

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The first step in modernizing any code base is to write tests so you know what is changing.

“But my code is too awful to write unit tests!”

Fine. Then write acceptance tests. Write the tests that get the job done so you can verify your changes don’t break anything.

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This issue needs more +1 comments. Come on PHP folks! Help get attention on this.


Please RT for reach!

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Tests save money by finding bugs before production.

There’s nothing more expensive than losing a customer because they found a bug in your software.

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There was a day when "spinning up a website" for me mean server management and all the fun stuff. That day is sunsetting. I am finding more and more of my new projects are started with the click of a button on @siteground@twitter.com.

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Today's the day - get your tickets now before prices go up tomorrow! We're excited to see everyone in just a few weeks.

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Here are 6 tips for reaching software developers with your marketing:

1. Be authentic
2. Spend time with developers online
3. Learn the terminology
4. Focus on in-depth, informative content
5. Attend and sponsor events
6. Offer a free tier or trial

What else would you add?

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Well, times are a-changin'. I want to thank @jumptwenty4@twitter.com and @DanielNewns@twitter.com for letting me kick off their programme. If you want to join the best and place in the Midlands: this is it. I've left with an awesome amount of engineering experience under my belt.

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My Friday consisted of fixing the following:

Deploying to QA
Fixing config
Deploying to QA
Fixing logic
Deploying to QA
Fixing docker file
Deploying to QA
Fixing config correctly
Deploying to QA

How was your Friyay?

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you: if only there was a way my interactions with my friends could be more like work, where we have meetings, develop plans, assign tasks…
d&d: you’re not going to believe this.

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📢 PHP 8.1.0 announcement 📢

The PHP 8.1 Release Managers (@ramsey@twitter.com, @krakjoe@twitter.com and myself) are pleased to announce the Second Release Candidate of PHP 8.1.0! 🥳

Please, test it!

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We've all heard the sayings: "change is good" or "change is scary"
For @enygma@twitter.com, change was necessary to further his professional growth and personal satisfaction

When your career hits a roadblock, here's how to successfully change course: bit.ly/3tHEa7U


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WordPressers, get your free copy of "Using the WordPress REST API"


Well done @SpaceX@twitter.com and congratz the entire crew of Inspiration4!


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@GUNdotIO@twitter.com @github@twitter.com @CalEvans@twitter.com Also, related to this - there’s a great book coming out in January (2022) with helpful advice about kicking off a career in cybersecurity from @AlyssaM_InfoSec@twitter.com! The “Cyber Defenders' Career Guide” amazon.com/gp/product/16172982

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