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You can send us a postcard (or a sticker from your event!) at this address:

PO Box 342457
Memphis, TN 38184

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@CalEvans I'm... not sure I agree with you. If you can reliably identify an expert then definitely talk to them. But that's hard! I mean... are you an expert in knowing who to take advice from? Talking to someone who knows more than you is useful, even if they're not the best in the world.

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You ready to do this?

Coffee up and let's RIDE!


I don’t take plumbing advice from my roof guy


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Retweet this if you want @netflix to stop auto playing trailers and bring the chill back to Netflix.

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THIS is stupid. (Not Matt’s comments, Redis’ actions)

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"It's fashionable to call out cloud vendors as parasitic destroyers of open source value. Real-world contributor data says this view of the clouds is completely wrong" says @mjasay in -> Redis Labs drops Commons Clause for a new license zd.net/2BLcUMe via @sjvn

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Do you like to help people solve challenging problems? Can you juggle multiple issues at once? Have you been managing systems for years? Apply to become a Tier 2 Support Analyst

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You may travel too much if every time you dig through your bag you find another room key. :)

If your managers can't manage remote developers (distributed teams) get better managers.

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Interesting anecdotal negative views on remote-working software teams from a CTO:

“you get much less creativity out of a distributed team”

“hiring junior people doesn’t pay off”

“we got much less creativity out of our [distributed teams]”


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Our own @mkosturkov@twitter.com is gonna be giving a talk @nomadphp@twitter.com. twitter.com/mkosturkov/status/

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In the last week, I upgraded a Drupal 7 site from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2. On the same VPS, I saw a 2.7x performance improvement in building a fairly complicated homepage.

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Working up some PHP scripts for financial applications. What financial formulas should I implement? What would you like to see answered and explained?

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