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The April 2021 issue is out: Agile Development, Tech Knowledge, Password Security, S3 Object Storage, REST APIs, Yoda, and more.


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Got this streaming all over the house so I can pack gear and still listen to @ecommerceaholic@twitter.com's beautiful baritone voice. (oh yeah, and @benmarks@twitter.com is there too) :)

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LIVE NOW: @BenMarks@twitter.com Left Magento for @Shopware@twitter.com. Should you do the same?


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Learn how to find, hire, and retain developers. Learn to build a "Culture of Respect".


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Join us next Tuesday for our April meetup with @dragonmantank@twitter.com, who'll help us with "Moving Toward PHP 8!" meetup.com/nashvillephp/events

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Last year, we welcomed guests from 75+ different countries. Let's welcome even more members of the php community worldwide to this year! For anyone interested in web technology and PHP, register for a free virtual seat ➢ phpconference.nl/schedule

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This rig improves my eye contact on video meetings. I’m mirroring my screen to an old phone that’s mounted right above the camera.

The next step is to use beam splitter glass to project my screen in front of the camera lens.

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"Paradise Theater" by @STYXtheBand@twitter.com is one of the greatest rock albums ever recorded and I'm ok if your wrong in thinking otherwise. :)

PHP developers. Up your game, subscribe to @nomadphp@twitter.com today!


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Save this handy GIF and use it every time you think of rolling your own:

- security
- async/multithreading
- date


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WordPressers, get your free copy of "Using the WordPress REST API"


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Looking for ways to find out if your product is going to sell well?🤔 Take a peek at our about customer where expert @CalEvans@twitter.com explained how to build personas & how to properly use them for your .
▶️ youtu.be/1764PAdpDh8

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