Using the REST API

Get your copy for free thanks to!

RT What about when they become the organizers? I’m screwed.


Not good. They have rebooted the plane twice now. :)

About to take off on the first leg of my trip and I already miss the lovely and talented

It’s gonna be a long week. :)


A good Marketing team will not only broadcast useful information but will serve as your intelligence wing working to understand the customer, their needs, and the ecosystem as a whole.



A tip for new speakers:

I used to feel bad when I didn’t get large audiences for my session.

But then my mindset changed when people started to tell me that my session was the main one they were looking forward to hearing at the conference.


You know what trait I never see in a list of traits of successful people? The trait of reading lists of traits of successful people and trying to emulate them.

Successful people make their own way.


Your first pass at refactoring will probably look a lot like the spaghetti code you started with. That’s okay. Refactoring is a long term process, not a short term quick hit.


In my career I have learned that it is much easier to get people to do something the right way by just being excited about it, than trying to convince them that they are doing something wrong and there is a right way.

People call you names if you point out they are wrong.

Counting my laptop, I am traveling with 5 cameras!

16 year old me would be VERY happy. :)


Get your ticket today for our mini-course "MongoDB Compass". Learn to make the most of MongoDB's GUI interface.



Save a little. 

Sleep enough. 

Eat well. 

Be kind. 

Enjoy the results.


Team Leads, Managers, anyone in charge of developers, get "Creating a Brown Bag Lunch Program" for only $10 on Amazon.

Just registered my drone with the FAA and printed out my certification. I feel like I just got the secret Tom Mix decoder ring out of the cereal box. :)

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