Another 4th of July has come and gone...another tour of duty in family tech support under my belt. :)

Developers working with , get your free copy of "Using the WordPress REST API" thanks to!

Back at work slinging code and the new crankin' on the boombox.

The most bittersweet moment every morning is the kiss goodbye. It’s the point in time farthest from when I’ll see my love again...but I get a kiss from her. :)


Get your copy of "Using the WordPress REST API" from


Question. If we created a free user group platform (no cost to organizers) to let you host your in-person and virtual events (with free meeting software), would that be something you would be interested in using for your user group?


Do you write technical books/articles/blog posts?

If yes, you need on your side.

She has been my editor for several years now and does a fantastic job.

Hire her for your next work.


Frameworks come and go, and there's a chance your application will outlast at least one of them. Focus your efforts on the application domain, not the framework you're using.


My buddies over at are giving away copies of my new book "Using the WordPress REST API".

Homeward bound after a wonderful time with family. :)

"Using the WordPress REST API"
Only $9.95 from Amazon


get it for FREE from

Same book. Your call.


When I revamped the API design course for, I added a section on design patterns to include versioning, authN, authZ, and media types:


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