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The engine & ecosystem would be nowhere where it is today, without these 3 heavyweights. Their prolific contributions & the impact of they've made, makes them the most notable people in PHP for the past 10 years. Share this post for recognition @dstogov@twitter.com @fabpot@twitter.com @seldaek@twitter.com 🐘🐘

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For those not old enough to remember:


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@CalEvans@twitter.com Tell me again what Tripple-E stands for.

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If you are interested in building corporate culture, not platitudes, not people wishing it were one way or the other but an honest look at how to build corporate culture, read this.


1: Microsoft buys Github.com
2: Microsoft releases a CLI tool for Githhub.com
3: ...

In the back of my mind, I hear the hauntingly beautiful voice of Tommy Shaw singing "Haven't we been here before..."


WordPressers, get your free copy of "Using the WordPress REST API"


Well that's a new one on me.

Got a follower on @goodreads@twitter.com Goodreads that is a porn-spam bot.

(No, I didn't open the link in my browser...I used Links) :)

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“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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Note to self: You can't podcast when you have the hiccups.

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Xdebug 2.9.7 released! → xdebug.org/announcements/2020-

It adds TCP Keep Alive to the debugging connection.

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I had a blast talking about business networking for technologists with my pal, @CalEvans@twitter.com. cc @steveathanas@twitter.com twitter.com/elephpant/status/1

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Invite me to speak at your conference, user group, or developer-focused corporate event.



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"Using the WordPress REST API"
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get it for FREE from @siteground@twitter.com

Same book. Your call.

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