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I'm very proud of what @ForeachCF@twitter.com has accomplished this year!

A service with advanced features (@linuxforphp@twitter.com), a continuously expanding curriculum of courses (@php_cl@twitter.com), a production-ready framework (@lightmvcfw@twitter.com), and many contributions!


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Another awesome day in the water. 1 step closer to my @PADI@twitter.com Instructor certificate.

Invite me to speak at your conference, user group, or developer-focused corporate event.


Dear @twitter@twitter.com,

When I type in @ramsey@twitter.com I do NOT want @DaveRamsey@twitter.com (as much as I like him) or any of the other Ramseys you suggest EXCEPT @ramsey@twitter.com.

Fix your crap.


Get your copy of "Using the WordPress REST API" from @siteground@twitter.com.


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Latest release for my library adds the ability to parse/hydrate message/modal JSON into objects. Also, adds missing "header" block, and makes some minor BC changes. github.com/jeremeamia/slack-bl

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Uncomfortable reality: modernizing your application doesn’t have to mean bringing it to the very latest version of PHP. It does have to mean improving it from a previous state. Plenty of modernization projects go from PHP 5.4 to 7.1, even with PHP 8 on the market.

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w00t! @nobsengineering@twitter.com is coming back with a 2020 wrap-up episode!

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full PHP 8 compatibility in @ApiPlatform@twitter.com with the "just released" v2.6. alpha.. go go go test it! :)

@symfonycon@twitter.com @symfony_live@twitter.com @fabpot@twitter.com @dunglas@twitter.com

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I create good readme files for my personal things as well. Otherwise, future me always struggles to remember how to get it going. twitter.com/catalinmpit/status

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A BIG thank you to @nomadphp@twitter.com for supporting us by providing a free streaming platform for the conference! While there are other costs to host this edition, we can thank them already to allow this event to be free of charge for all of us!

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In this episode I answer the question "How to I keep people from marking my emails as spam?"

Spoiler Alert: The answer is to write interesting emails. :)

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Hey, do you like surprises?🎉For our last @Geek_2_English@twitter.com episode for this year, we have prepared a grab bag full of tips and answers to some of the most asked questions with expert @CalEvans@twitter.com. Listen here: geek2englishpodcast.com/2020-g

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Business people, email newsletters remind people each month that they are on your mailing list. If your emails don’t provide value to your subscribers, real value - TO THEM, not you - then this is a regular reminder that they need to unsubscribe.

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Hey folks, I'm working on a short (small) guide for developers using @Docker@twitter.com, showing how to go from dev to deployment. What do you think of the current cover artwork?

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In this final grab bag episode for the year, @CalEvans@twitter.com answers some of the most asked questions. Check it out here 👉geek2englishpodcast.com/2020-g

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