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"I needed to remember that in building an application, I need to build my application, rather than the application I hope to have or want to have some day." brandonsavage.net/building-wha

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It is good to be home.

Had a great time on @codercruise@twitter.com.

But it is good to be home. :)

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We learned so much from @CalEvans@twitter.com at . He's going to be speaking at the S FL Meetup on using the REST API. Come on out for great networking, food, and learning! Plus @SiteGround@twitter.com is hosting. meetup.com/SF-WordPress-Users/

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Get your talks submitted. You'll be happy you did...in February...to get a break from the cold. twitter.com/SunShinePHP/status

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Team Leads, Managers, anyone in charge of developers, get "Creating a Brown Bag Lunch Program" for only $10 on Amazon.

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This beats setting up a temporary server, paying for a dedicated IP, or fighting with IT. twitter.com/Beachcasts/status/

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OSMI is a volunteer run nonprofit, you can show your support by sporting our fantastic logo wherever you go! qoo.ly/zbqzg

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Here are my slides from Socially Engineering Your Pathway to a Better Team! slideshare.net/OliviaLiddell/o

It's been great to hear how my talk has encouraged people to take steps to improve their team, while also learning more about information security. Thanks again, !

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“When someone mentors you, SAY THANK YOU! They have just given you the most valuable and precious gift they have, their time.”

— @joshholmes@twitter.com

“When you have identified a potential mentor, when you approach them, be brief, be specific, and ask for exactly what you want. “

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Trying to get OCI8 extension loaded on @Azure@twitter.com Web App service: I see PHP is configured with oci8 and I've loaded the php_oci8_12c.dll as part of my app, but still extension is not loaded. What am I missing here?

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“I am not the encyclopedia, I am the index. I don’t know everything, I know the people who know things.” — ⁦⁦@joshholmes@twitter.com⁩

Proud to call this man my mentor.

THE ⁦@joshholmes@twitter.com⁩ closing it out for ⁦@CoderCruise@twitter.com⁩ 2019.

Props to ⁦@RingCentral@twitter.com⁩ and ⁦@mikegstowe@twitter.com⁩ for on point swag at ⁦@CoderCruise@twitter.com⁩

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