Interesting insights with about which Installations out there are vulnerable and how it is scanned

"cached content is no longer shared between domains [....]

This means the primary benefit of shared public CDNs is no longer relevant for any modern browsers. [...]

It's best to avoid them wherever possible, primarily by self-hosting your content with a caching reverse-proxy in front, to cheaply and easily build high-performance web applications."

Public CDNs Are Useless and Dangerous -, written by @pimterry

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I have just published the slides to my talk "Tools for software quality in PHP and TYPO3 projects". #qa #php #typo3


Updated right now: Learn more about Dependency Injection with this first hand . Many thanks to



Much ado about null (and a more -friendly alternative to monads you can use today!)

Never give a developer idle time. They might come up with ideas and change or improve something with their time.

PHP Array: A Gross Mistake. This article makes the point that they are either lists or maps.

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