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That's a great opportunity to make your company contribute to OSS and get visibility amongst 1400+ and peers! twitter.com/symfonycon/status/

1. First language: Java
2. Had difficulties: C++
3. Most used: PHP
4. Totally hate: JavaScript, C
5. Most loved: PHP, Hack, Rust
6. For beginners: Rust

What about you?

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1. First language: GWBASIC
2. Had difficulties: VB6
3. Most used: PHP (trying to reduce usage)
4. Totally hate: C, Ruby, Python, Yaml
5. Most loved: SQL, Haskell
6. For beginners: Rust

What about you? twitter.com/mathiasverraes/sta

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Ocramius/status/11

wish could do the same ...

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PHP-style &$references will soon be removed from Hack. Learn why and how to migrate your code: hhvm.com/blog/2019/10/01/depre

🐦🔗: twitter.com/HipHopVM/status/11

Any hacky way to stop PHP from doing the type juggling thingy on offsetSet($offset, $value) so i get `string` instead of `int` ? 🤔

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🚨Good news for the PHP community!

Security alerts, automatic security fixes, dependency insights, and more are all now available for PHP repositories with Composer dependencies.

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Someone is spreading bullshit, with alarming effectiveness.

You should always update PHP patch releases ASAP.

The latest patches don't contain anything more alarning than any other patch release.

Nothing actually worthy of alarm is happening here.


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Master Symfony and PHP with video tutorials and code challenges with @SymfonyCasts@twitter.com. Learn for free for 3 months with the @GitHub@twitter.com Student Developer Pack today at education.github.com/pack

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Very proud @symfony@twitter.com and @SymfonyCasts@twitter.com is part of this! If you know a student, get them started *right* with 3 free months of learning high-quality PHP, OO & Symfony symfonycasts.com/github-studen @GitHubEducation@twitter.com twitter.com/github/status/1163

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Calling everyone that wants to contribute to PHP: externals.io/message/106522.

This will help Static Analysis and other tools that depend on PHP Reflection.

I can help you if you need :)

Thanks @nikita_ppv@twitter.com for pushing this 💙

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Fixing bugs/adding features on is fun. Nobody notices but maintenance is also about ungrateful work: deprecations/upgrade path, fixing issues with new versions of our deps (, , , ...). Great work this week by @jderusse@twitter.com and @nicolasgrekas@twitter.com. Thank you!

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@robledoKari@twitter.com @SwiftOnSecurity@twitter.com @AJClay16@twitter.com I wrote this last year for PHP, but a lot of the concepts (i.e. using prepared statements to stop SQL injection) are generalizable.


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We've just refactored the whole Inspirational page, it was taking more than 2k sql queries and now we're down to 20 thanks to @blackfireio@twitter.com.

See it live on izi-by-edf.fr/inspirations/sal

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Freut euch mit uns auf eine legendäre in Berlin. Hier kommt unser Trailer für die Konferenz im September 🎉

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PHP 7.4 alpha 1 released, with typed properties, arrow functions, covariant types, FFI, preloading and more. Please test and report issues. If you have open-source libraries, you can add 7.4snapshot on Travis.


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Security updates are out for 3.30.6, and 4.3-4.8, addressing issues in FastCGI and scrypt_enc(); additionally, 4.9.0 is out, unifying several previously-configurable behaviors, and removing the option to enable PHP support.


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Starting from PHP 7.4, __toString() will be able to throw exceptions. wiki.php.net/rfc/tostring_exce

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Thanks to @azjezz@twitter.com, the PHP client for Mercure.rocks will soon use HttpClient 🎇 github.com/symfony/mercure/pul

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