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@robledoKari@twitter.com @SwiftOnSecurity@twitter.com @AJClay16@twitter.com I wrote this last year for PHP, but a lot of the concepts (i.e. using prepared statements to stop SQL injection) are generalizable.


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We've just refactored the whole Inspirational page, it was taking more than 2k sql queries and now we're down to 20 thanks to @blackfireio@twitter.com.

See it live on izi-by-edf.fr/inspirations/sal

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Freut euch mit uns auf eine legendäre in Berlin. Hier kommt unser Trailer für die Konferenz im September 🎉

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PHP 7.4 alpha 1 released, with typed properties, arrow functions, covariant types, FFI, preloading and more. Please test and report issues. If you have open-source libraries, you can add 7.4snapshot on Travis.


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Security updates are out for 3.30.6, and 4.3-4.8, addressing issues in FastCGI and scrypt_enc(); additionally, 4.9.0 is out, unifying several previously-configurable behaviors, and removing the option to enable PHP support.


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Starting from PHP 7.4, __toString() will be able to throw exceptions. wiki.php.net/rfc/tostring_exce

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Thanks to @azjezz@twitter.com, the PHP client for Mercure.rocks will soon use HttpClient 🎇 github.com/symfony/mercure/pul

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Another RFC passed!

$otherArray = [3, 4];

$array = [1, 2, ...$otherArray];


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The spread operator in arrays RFC (wiki.php.net/rfc/spread_operat) has been accepted for PHP 7.4:

$ary = [3, 4, 5];
return [1, 2, ...$ary]; // same as [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

Caveat: The unpacked array/Traversable can only have integer keys. For string keys array_merge() is still required.

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PHP is officially a thought-leader.
EREBODY is breaking APIs for no obvious reason and calling it progress. twitter.com/davidcelis/status/

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Which DB are you using for your projects?

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Arrow functions / short closures have been accepted for PHP 7.4: wiki.php.net/rfc/arrow_functio

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Join us May 31st, 2019 as we present
Day Camp 4 Developers: Data

We have 5 experts talking about important concepts you need to understand revolving around data.


Invest a day in your career

cc , would you like to see the `arraykey` type from hacklang come to PHP ?

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I blogged today about messing around with PHP 7.4's FFI extension, as well as the rabbit holes that ensue from there: blog.ircmaxell.com/2019/04/com

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Encouraged by a comment, I compared the result for calculating Fibonacci (n=32) in PHP 8 with JIT vs C++, looks very interesting 🤔🚀

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RFC moved to In Voting Phase: Arrow functions 2.0 wiki.php.net/rfc/arrow_functio

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PHP people: is there a reason for ext_apache to be disabled in CLI mode, other than 'calling it doesn't really make sense'?

Conditional definitions don't really fit with Hack, and this creates problems for repo-authoritative (whole-program-optimization) mode.

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