I have a couple of PHP jokes, but they are inconsistent.

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I’m collecting Gentoo jokes for a book but haven’t compiled them yet. twitter.com/q_aurelius/status/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SwiftOnSecurity/st

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🎉 The first alpha of PHP 8 is out!

It's not yet feature complete (wiki.php.net/rfc#in_voting_pha), but it already has lots of new goodies, such as union types, attributes and more!

Get it here → php.net/archive/2020.php#2020-

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Do you use the PHP framework @Symfony@twitter.com? If you're using PHP at all, the answer is probably yes. It's now part of the Tidelift Subscription! bit.ly/2Zn3ens

When setting a logger on an object, should that object set the logger for all of its logger aware properties? 🤔

Browsing PHP C source code with CLion ( @clion_ide@twitter.com ) feels way much faster/lighter than browsing a new project skeleton using PhpStorm ( @phpstorm@twitter.com )

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Warszawa 2020: is open until April 27th! Send in your talk proposals in Polish about , and their ecosystem now warszawa2020.live.symfony.com/

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7 days left until our next Online conference on April 17th, enjoy our live conference from home! Register now: online.live.symfony.com/regist

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Improved my @symfony@twitter.com 5.0.5 app rushlow.dev using 7.4.4 by enabling OpCache Preloading

Profiling using @blackfireio@twitter.com

Before: Time 203ms / Peak Memory 16 mb
After: Time 100ms / Peak Memory 2.67 mb

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New day, new success thanks to @blackfireio@twitter.com 😍

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New day, new goals, many thanks to @blackfireio@twitter.com for the help on this one 👌😍

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SymfonyInsight now supports PHP 7.4!
It is able to parse PHP 7.4 code and it gives you appropriate suggestions for the new features of the language. It even helps you migrate by notifying you of deprecated feature of PHP you use!
Have a try: insight.symfony.com!

Anyone having issues preloading PHP files containing only constants? 🤔

Anyone having issue preload PHP files containing only constants ? 🤔

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Nowadays you can contribute to the English PHP documentation through pull requests on GitHub: github.com/php/doc-en

No need to use the clunky editor at edit.php.net...

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In support of Open Source and to celebrate 25 years of the PHP ecosystem, JetBrains will host a PHP Internals gathering and redirect part of the PhpStorm Ad budget to support individual contributors. Thanks so much for everything you do!


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