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Introducing Revolt, a rock-solid, collaborative event loop and fiber abstraction for writing interoperable libraries. github.com/revoltphp/event-loo

was wondering why PSL 1.6 is getting more installs than 1.7, then i remember 1.7 dropped support for PHP 7.4


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The first edition of the @ApiPlatform@twitter.com Conference will take place next Friday! The lineup is amazing, the topics are varied (, , , , , , , ...) and the party will be huge. Tickets (on-site or online): api-platform.com/con/2021/

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With Fiber in 8.1 a new age dawns for . @AsyncPHP@twitter.com and @ReactPHP@twitter.com are joining forces through @RevoltPHP@twitter.com collaborating on a shared event loop and Fiber abstraction. Stay tuned!

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Do you want a feature or open source extension written for ?

If you're ready to compensate me, holla.

Features may be refused, terms and conditions apply.

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@hikari_no_yume@twitter.com I prompted the first two lines... my php is rusty but line 5 and 15 look Problematic

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We're a long way from our sponsorship goal. If you use amphp (especially for a business) we'd appreciate a sponsorship to help continue investing time into ! Fibers will be a part of PHP 8.1, but a lot more work needs to release a version of amphp using fibers.

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You can help me to justify - to myself, my kids, and my wife - how much time I spend on by means of compensation ...


Just sayin' ...

Thanks to all current sponsors :)

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@VotrubaT@twitter.com @webdevilopers@twitter.com A facade is relatively well defined in OOP/software architecture, and the terminology that leaked into the PHP ecosystem through misnomer is still what it is: a misnomer

For the past few days, i have been benchmarking, and studying HTTP routers, and in the process, i have rewrite hhvm/hack-router in PHP ( github.com/azjezz/hack-routing ), added some optimizations, and managed to beat both FastRoute, and Symfony Routing.

blog post soon.

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Fibers have officially landed in php-src! github.com/php/php-src/commit/ Can't wait to show you what we have planned with fibers and @asyncphp@twitter.com!

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What I like most about fibers, is the ability to transform an existing "sync" API into one that can also be used async.

This introduces some nice use-cases for existing PSR-18 HTTP clients that you might be able to use without having to deal with any BC break!

Swoole maintainers keep mentioning how swoole supports the existing PHP ecosystem, but in fact, it does the complete opposite by breaking existing code.


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P.S: having swoole installed breaks PSL IO component public API.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/azjezz/status/1375

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