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Nowadays you can contribute to the English PHP documentation through pull requests on GitHub: github.com/php/doc-en

No need to use the clunky editor at edit.php.net...

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In support of Open Source and to celebrate 25 years of the PHP ecosystem, JetBrains will host a PHP Internals gathering and redirect part of the PhpStorm Ad budget to support individual contributors. Thanks so much for everything you do!


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I've implemented a fuzzer for PHP:

Fuzzing is a great way to find obscure bugs in parsing libraries...

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Have you heard of AST? CFG? SSA? If not don't worry, @BoineauV@twitter.com who helped develop shares how you can use all of these and more to perform static analysis on your code in our track. Register now at midwestphp.org

Do you have an Application running on PHP 7.4 ? append this file to your index.php and your application will became x100 times better, guaranteed.


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My entire day has been spent tracking down an issue in a major OSS project... that wouldn't be able to exist if the codebase used types properly. Or, at all.

Type your code, people. Stop wasting my time.

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“When I say that PHP is a ball of nails, basically, PHP is just this piece of shit that you just put together—put all the parts together—and you throw it against the wall and it fucking sticks.” — @tychay@twitter.com, terrychay.com/article/php-ruby twitter.com/asgrim/status/1200

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Black Friday Deal! Run `composer fund` and spend all the savings of the day on your favorite Open-Source package maintainers! ;)

See github.com/symfony/thanks/pull for more context.

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🎉 I've just put PHP 7.4.0 online → it's released!


today is the last day you can complain about PHP not having :
- short closures
- typed properties
- spread operator in array expression
- null coalescing assignment operator
- covariant returns and contravariant parameters

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Today is the last day you can complain about PHP having no short closures.

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SymfonyCloud now offers 7-day free trials. You can have 2 at a time, as often as you want. @symfony@twitter.com @tucksaun@twitter.com

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Amserdam, the international conference, is coming! Join us from November 19th to 23rd for a full week of Symfony and : 2 days of pre-conference workshops, 2 days of conference and 1 hackday! Register now amsterdam2019.symfony.com/regi

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That's a great opportunity to make your company contribute to OSS and get visibility amongst 1400+ and peers! twitter.com/symfonycon/status/

1. First language: Java
2. Had difficulties: C++
3. Most used: PHP
4. Totally hate: JavaScript, C
5. Most loved: PHP, Hack, Rust
6. For beginners: Rust

What about you?

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1. First language: GWBASIC
2. Had difficulties: VB6
3. Most used: PHP (trying to reduce usage)
4. Totally hate: C, Ruby, Python, Yaml
5. Most loved: SQL, Haskell
6. For beginners: Rust

What about you? twitter.com/mathiasverraes/sta

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wish could do the same ...

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PHP-style &$references will soon be removed from Hack. Learn why and how to migrate your code: hhvm.com/blog/2019/10/01/depre

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Any hacky way to stop PHP from doing the type juggling thingy on offsetSet($offset, $value) so i get `string` instead of `int` ? 🤔

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