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RT “Just lower WIP!”

The challenge is that a system designed for high WIP needs high WIP. Lowering it will be painful. Lowering it will require psychological safety, and an attention to people’s needs.


RT When someone tells you to hold your horses, they’re telling you to be stable.


O nível de alienação é assustador.

Ninguém, não é hipérbole, leu o título inteiro antes de se manifestar.
Acho louvável o brasileiro se posicionar politicamente, só falta interpretação de texto.

A política tá uma 💩 mas governo não é brincadeira.

There is still hope for a world where low cash burn rates are the norm, not the news. ♥️
RT We spent $3,300,000 buying out our main VC investors.

Here’s a quick summary 👇


The munchies are the best type of hunger to have! 😂

Google being shutdown and starts to display ads as e-mails. Sweet.

And to think I've convinced myself web w-mail clients were finally an alternative to .

O Bolsonaro sofreu um golpe (de um ex-militar) como candidato. É isso mesmo produção? Foi mal, tava doidão.

The world is $250 Trillion in Debt ($85T in 2000 and $175T in 2008), governments being the biggest debtors.
That either portends austerity measures or central-bank meddling as permanent fixture of 21st century.

RT Hoje faz 17 anos de um experimento que deu muito errado a partir de um casamento entre publicidade e jornalismo.

Nizan Guanaes era chefão do site iG e definiu que seria instituído o "dia da boa notícia". Só notícias positivas naquela terça

Terça, 11 de setembro de 2001


RT 1) Make album
2) Release album
3) Tour
4) Make open source alternative to twitter

Pretty basic marketing 101 here.


RT This comic is over 80 years old and yet you don't have to change a thing about it. It's every bit as relevant today as the day it was drawn.


Brazil's presidential elections status as of the last debate:

* 1st candidate, on previous pools, was absent for he is in jail
* 1st candidate, on current pools, was also absent for someone put a knife through him and he is now hospitalized
* The last absent candidates was asking guidance to god from the top of a mountain
* "Blank vote" has the biggest share of people with 22%

The good part of all this is that, apparently, we agree we are fucked.

For quite some time I don't enjoy a as Dragon Quest XI.

Dear Mastodon client app makers:

I’d love a Mastodon client that can show combined timelines (aka unified inbox). Even more if the client could also show timelines from Twitter (could even be read only?). Perhaps RSS support.

I miss the times of apps like Adium that would allow you to chat with people regardless of IM network.

There’s a cool site that’s helping you find people to follow on the . If you toot about , consider requesting to add yourself to this list:

And find people to follow, based on topic, here:

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