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1/3 I do read HN and I sometimes value the feedback of it, but when I have insider knowledge (including 3rd party knowledge to hide biases) its also a stark reminder of the echo chamber or audience bubble that HN is.

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OK, experts who think story points aren't about cost, and that cost isn't essentially time, educate me. What are they, what are they good for, why do we estimate them?

In answering, show no concern for the likelihood that I invented them.

If I did, I'm sorry now.

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Quantifiable measures of success for…

• Product: profit & growth
• Tech: features & releases
• Design: _____________ ?

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GitHub has become the staple source management, which is bad because Git is much more than that.

See the commit messages and poor code reviews. The merge tree doesn't even deserve a comment.

GitHub has done great things, but we need to do better IMO.

Today GitHub announced the partnership with Apache Foundation, what do you think about it?


Bash on Windows is slow as hell. Hopefully all my investment on POSIX complience will pay off now. 🤞

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When viewed across the solar system, Earth is just a speck in the cosmos. Images taken of Earth from missions such as @OSIRISRex@twitter.com & @CassiniSaturn@twitter.com remind us of how precious our home planet is. View more images of Earth from afar & celebrate : go.nasa.gov/2GsbaZA

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When the author of a project answer your mundane doubts...

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What’s the most ridiculous thing you ever stored in a HashiCorp vault ? 🤔

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Error handling is managing the path between detection and reaction in design.

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Gerrit 2 is 10 years old and we still don't have a better code review tool broadly used because they:

1. Ignore commits as units of change
2. Doesn't make commit messages as reviewable

In other words, patches via e-mail are still a superior review tool.

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Friendly reminder that "o_o" is a valid identifier in JavaScript if you want little buddies to watch over your functions

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If there’s one lesson I would like the next generation of developers to learn, it is to spend less time doing hard things and more time making hard things easy. Customers benefit from the former. Customers and peers and we ourselves benefit from the latter.

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"Unlike computers…human beings aren’t meant to operate continuously, at high speeds, for long periods of time. Rather, we’re designed to move rhythmically between spending and renewing our energy."

—Tony Schwartz

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I also don't like to call any problem "simple". Solutions can be simple, a problem complexity depends on how much effort you spend on it.

Ask: How much effort should I spend on it? Days, Weeks or Months?

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New programmers, take note: this is important, but it's unlikely that people will tell you it! In programming, when something is branded as "easy", "simple", or "lightweight", it frequently (not always, but frequently) means that it's confusing and complicated!

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E se você começar a pensar que seu objeto é um pequeno programa (executável), você acha que fica mais fácil de entender os princípios de OO? 🤔

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A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a  simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never  works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over  with a working simple system. – John Gall (1975, p.71)

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