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E se você começar a pensar que seu objeto é um pequeno programa (executável), você acha que fica mais fácil de entender os princípios de OO? 🤔

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A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a  simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never  works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over  with a working simple system. – John Gall (1975, p.71)

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Você já viu os feras que vão estar conosco no ? Não? Então, olha só: @eminetto@twitter.com, @dianaarnos@twitter.com, @mhgontijo@twitter.com e @magodoy88@twitter.com - isso só para citar alguns nomes! Vai ficar de fora? Faça sua inscrição agora! eventos.imasters.com.br/phpexp

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And I thought that the 5 articles paywall was the worst idea they could have had.

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Medium sent an email to all contributors to Hacker Noon saying "Hacker Noon may appear to be an independent website, it is not. It is a container that exists on the Medium.com infra, much like a Facebook page."

Medium is bullying the very curators it courted. twitter.com/hackernoon/status/

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How come we still don't have a .not TLD? So many possibilities: twitter.not, flat-earth.not...

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v1.0.0 -> v1.1.0 # one-line change expanding an API
v1.1.0 -> v2.0.0 # revert previous commit

This is both ridiculous and fair portrayal of the engineering costs of adding a feature compared with removing the same feature.

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I'm still looking for a job. If anyone knows about any roles for a PHP/C# Developer with 10 years of experience let me know! Remote or in Central IL!

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E assim fica estabelecida a Lei Minetto.

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“A hora que você consegue dormir é inversamente proporcional à hora que você precisa acordar”. MINETTO, Elton. 2019

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I missed a Command, and why not "Implementation" as well, somewhere. But seems legit enough

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I periodically remind myself that Fred Brooks had everything figured out in "No Silver Bullet"

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Oh no, I almost missed Safer Internet Day. Here's some safety advice:

1. Use a password manager
2. Use a password manager
3. Use a password manager
4. Wear brightly colored, reflective clothing when you run at night
5. Use a password manager

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I was going to write this out, which I don’t usually do with my tweet storms, and decided not to. So I have no idea where we are going.

Topic is pressure on developers, and what they can do about it.

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Ubuntu 18.04 is, by far, the worst experience I am having with Linux for all my life. Bluetooth sometimes work and sometimes doesn't.

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Most ppl don't realize how deep you need to go to make something "simple". They think it just pops out that way. And if you show your work it scares them.

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