Well, this happened. And it is way more scary than I expected.

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🤩I accept suggestions of playlists for Concentration

🤯 that Newton, while at home because of a pandemic, formulated the law of gravity, created calculus and developed optics.

I probably know more about shuffling algorithms for music than it is healthy to know.

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I published a paper today:

"Architecture for a multilingual Wikipedia"

I have been working on this for more than half a decade, and I am very happy to have it finally published. The paper is a working paper and comments are very welcome.


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I know everyone is very aware of Covid-19 health issues and how to avoid health system collapse, but have you heard of the Bristol Scale?

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The AI-bias techlash seems to have had no impact on newer platforms.
Follow a random profile, and TikTok will only recommend people who look almost the same.
Let’s do the experiment from a fresh account:

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I was hooked to twitter before I could explain why, but I vividly remember when I could: Michael Jackson's death.
For hours, the only source of information was Twitter.

Sharing the actual moment, with a huge number of people was special. It rarely is, now.

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Those serendipity moments used to be more common, or at least I feel like so.
With an ordered timeline, instead of a scrambled one, I would've caught on that. When it happened.

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Who didn't know his joke could not be understood because of the way twitter handles (domain redirects:


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This is the only thing keeping me on this network: a nice moment that suddenly reveals itself.

It started with a casual conversation being shared...


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I explained in several paragraphs what @github@twitter.com is to my niece.
Niece: “So, it’s Nerdstagram?”
Me: “That’s fair.”

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Sad with Altered Carbon Season 2. Watched the first 2 episodes but I don't think I will continue.

Maybe this is a good time as any to start on the books.

Scale : Physics Problem
Differentiation : User Problem
Scope : Social Problem

@airtonzanon it is not as bad as not tracking your sleep at all. LOL

When a Mastodon user who has been quiet for a long time starts posting again

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