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When viewed across the solar system, Earth is just a speck in the cosmos. Images taken of Earth from missions such as @OSIRISRex@twitter.com & @CassiniSaturn@twitter.com remind us of how precious our home planet is. View more images of Earth from afar & celebrate : go.nasa.gov/2GsbaZA

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Friendly reminder that "o_o" is a valid identifier in JavaScript if you want little buddies to watch over your functions

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Since I no longer need to pay for GitHub, never needed many collaborators on private repos, they will probably announce a reason for me to spend more money on them soon enough.

PS: 👀 GitHub Actions

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Use private repositories with three of your closest collaborators *for free* 🙌

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PHP Brasil Comunidades... quanto tempo, quantas tretas e principalmente quanta cerveja (ops... quanta phpinga!) hahahaha @cheopsmalta@twitter.com @felipernb@twitter.com @ivonascimento@twitter.com @augustohp@twitter.com @galvao@twitter.com @marcelioleal@twitter.com

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I was in the middle of creating this slide (wrt patch hygiene) and had to stop half-way through and ask myself - aren’t we all just making this worse?

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Mary Somerville, the "Queen of 19th century science", self taught scientist, writer, mathematical translator and astronomer was born 1780. Her 1831 book "The Mechanism of the Heavens" remained a standard text at Cambridge for over a century.

(🎨 by Thomas Phillips)

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Esse tweet, sarcástico, é a prova de que os dois lados tão sem escrúpulos nenhum.

A mina tomou xingo dos dois lados. E não foi coisa pouca não. Tá foda.
RT @maglioqueira@twitter.com Quem é esse Roger Waters querendo 5 minutos de fama?

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RT @cyriux@twitter.com: Absolutely: “We need to make this intersection much larger” @sandromancuso@twitter.com on the collaboration between product design and software design

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RT @johncutlefish@twitter.com: “Just lower WIP!”

The challenge is that a system designed for high WIP needs high WIP. Lowering it will be painful. Lowering it will require psychological safety, and an attention to people’s needs.

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RT @carterforva@twitter.com: This comic is over 80 years old and yet you don't have to change a thing about it. It's every bit as relevant today as the day it was drawn.

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