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Challenge accepted! Here is a transition between surface area of US counties and their associated population. This arguably provides a much more accurate reading of the situation. @observablehq@twitter.com notebook: observablehq.com/@karimdouieb/ twitter.com/LaraLeaTrump/statu

🐦🔗: twitter.com/karim_douieb/statu

There is some kind of magic power feel to it when someone is able to make an "image speak more than words".

The same information, with another dataviz, for example:

Doesn't convey the gap as well as the previous one.

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Displaying the whole information is important, as this one does. The difference from the 1st one is the animation, which compares the difference between "Vote" and "Population".
They are not the same, mind you, but they want to convey the same message.


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