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-2 days at the end of the nominations period! We need at least one other nomination for the Core Committee, so come on forward! We need your help!

Feel free to reach out to our sitting secretaries (@alessandrolai @vdelau) or on our Discord for more info: discord.gg/php-fig twitter.com/phpfig/status/1478

🎉 Announcing: The PHP Foundation

🔗 opencollective.com/phpfoundation

ℹ️ More information at: blog.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/20

@Skoop that's probably just because the experience on the Mastodon client is not seamless.

If we could have a Mastodon client that treats Twitter just as another federated server, it would be great for a seamless migration.

@pollita @heiglandreas hoooly crap, that's really bad! 😅 Well, that's better to start over for sure then

@heiglandreas well, we'll see. Since it would have to be a community effort, we could leave the instructions and leave it to the individual contributors.

I bet there are numerous low hanging fruits, especially with old pages that did not receive updates in the language for a long time.

@heiglandreas ok then, so ping me when it's done..

With a new clone, I would have to start from scratch right? Isn't that a lot of wasted effort? Or the overall version of the docs are too advanced to recover the old translations?

@pollita really? That's sad! I could try to ask the Italian community to work on that, we'll see.

@pollita @derickr @saramg well I would happily reply here too. But I don't know how to mirror automatically 😅 how do I do it?

@pollita @derickr @saramg thanks! I see others automatically reposting from the bird site, does it make sense to do so?

@pollita @derickr Well, let's postpone that as much as possible..

Hello! New here too... Is there anything I should know?

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