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in (un)related news: I will be available for a new project starting in January. If you need some help with PHP/Symfony development, training, coaching, improving your development process and such things, let me know!

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Awesome! I'll be speaking about how my company Ingewikkeld is contributing to open source in a sustainable way at the Online PHP Conference organized by

Just got an email from DHL: The parcel is scheduled to be delivered TODAY! YAY!

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Despite the parcel already having arrived at the delivery facility the estimated delivery is still set to tomorrow. Let's see if it gets here today or tomorrow

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With a bit of luck it arrives here tomorrow instead of the estimated Tuesday!

I guess we're one of the last of batch 11 to be shipped. Still no shipping confirmation from Remarkable

Another day went by without a shipping notification of the Remarkable 2. I truly am too impatient ;)

lockdown schmockdown. big stores are already finding loopholes to open up despite the lockdown.

fuck capitalism.

So, the first week of shipping batch 11 of Remarkable 2 has passed, and I have not yet received a shipping notification. Really hoping it'll be shipped this week, otherwise the holidays might cause it to be delayed until January

Finally The Netherlands is going into a lockdown. Was about time.

So, I'm in batch 11 for the Remarkable 2. Shipping schedule: This week or next. I truly am too impatient for this shit. I want my shipping notification ;)

If I unfollow you here, don't be sad. The only reason I do it is because you fill my screen with Twitter re-tweet garble. I don't actually hate you, but I try to keep my timeline a bit clean

All tests negative. Quarantine has ended!

ICYMI: In the past week, two articles written by me were published

On my own blog: symfony 0.6 to Symfony 5: What I learned from the framework -

On @24DaysInDec: The Joys and Pitfalls of Remote Working -

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