Yay, the stuff for our DIY raspberry pi NAS will be delivered tonight. That's going to be a fun project with my son!


OK, I was not prepared for the pi only supporting micro HDMI. It makes sense, but I was not prepared. Cable has been ordered, project will continue once it is in

@Skoop Also, they may have fixed this by now, but the early Pi4 power controller wasn't properly USB-C compat, so normal USB-C power supplies don't work with it. TL;DR - Check that it powers up (LEDs turn on) and be ready to buy a Pi4 specific power supply if it doesn't.


@Skoop Technically, you can hack up a usb-c to usb-c cable and plug in your own resistors to get the impedance right, but only do that if you're desperate. :)

@pollita ah, we took the official way from the start and ordered an official pi power supply :)

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