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We are starting a search for an experienced PHP Developer with Magento experience. Want to work with a company who's mission is to improve energy efficiency? Let me know!

If you are in the central Massachusetts ara and looking for a , we have a senior position opening up on our team. DM me for details

We put out Episode 3 today!
Listen to "I Only Get Cardio in the Kitchen" by Teach Erik Code.…

Episode 2 of Teach Erik Code is out!
We discus hiring, impostor syndrom and tips to get motivated

Lessons learned in the past month
1. terraform is really handy
2. I really need to learn more about terraform
3. Need to learn ansible
4. Need to learn more about AWS security groups
5. Openshift is pretty awesome

What kind of demand is out there for a developer consultant to help teams move to a distributed work model?

It's decided, 3 hour commutes and working in large offices are not for me. Too old for this.

Missing working from home. I think I've become to spoiled to work in an office.

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